Soulmates - A Harry Potter Fanfic

A cute little story about two wands destined to meet each other... Or is it?

This is my first fan-fiction, so sorry if I miss out any important details. ;D


5. No way!!!

Draco's POV

As she ran away, I saw that she had her wand in her hand. I realised that she must have been planing to jinx me or something! This made me shudder. But as I took a closer look at her wand, I saw that, attached to the base, was a small golden gem... It can't be! Can it? I take out my wand and look at the small red gem on the base. I compare it to the image in my head, and realise.. It's her! The one Olivander told me about! It's Kayla...

Kayla's POV

I rushed past so many crowds of students, and I think I knocked over a few, but I knew that what Dumbledore had waiting for me would be the key to finding who my match was! As soon as I reached the gargoyle, I blurted out,

"Lemon Sherbet!" As fast as I could, so that my speech would not be affected by my lack of breath, but it still took me a few tries. I straitened myself up on the staircase as it spiralled upwards. And tried to make myself look presentable. When I reached the top, he was waiting at his desk with a solemn expression on his face.

"Come. Sit" he said, sternly enough so that I knew it was serious, but soft enough to calm. Me down slightly. I walked up to the desk and sat down in the chair before it. What he said next enraged me like nothing ever had before. I burst out of the office, grabbed my Nimbus 2000, and flew. I let the wind take me where it wanted to go, and after what seemed like forever, I was calm enough to land. I slowly descended and dismounted my broom. As I inspected my surroundings, I found myself in a huge clearing in the dark forest. I heard a twig snap behind me, and it sent my brain into overdrive, what was that? Was it an ogre? Am I going to die here? No I can't die! Finally I snapped out of it and turned around. I nearly collapsed with relief when I saw that it was just buck-beak. I had grown quite fond of this particular hippogriff in my third year. Then I realised someone was riding her... I stumbled back in fear, as I figured out who it was..

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