A lie can change you, Inside and Out...

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore.... I was a normal school girl until One lie changed it all.... (comments welcome :D)



The bus arrived at the school and unusally everyone rushed out the bus leaving me behind. People would usally take forever to get out of the bus and I had a feeling it was something to do with them all whispering and staring at me with a shocked face. As I stepped out of the bus, everyone stopped and stared at me. I ignored the staring and carred on walking. People only stopped staring to whisper something to a person next to them. I smiled up at people and they just stepped back. I stopped walking and everyone stepped back. I looked up to see people pushing the school bully (who looked unusally scared of me) towards me. The bully kept trying to run away but he was pushed back by the people pushing him towards me. "Help me!" He yelled and I looked around at everyone confussed. I looked back in front of me to see the bully standing over me... shivering? "Please dont hurt me!" He yelled. I gave in. "WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!?! WHY ARE YOU ALL SCARED!?" I yelled looking around at everyone. Everyone suddenly started screaming and running away. I sighed and headed into the school, not wanting to be late to class.

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