A lie can change you, Inside and Out...

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore.... I was a normal school girl until One lie changed it all.... (comments welcome :D)


2. What does it really mean?


I jolted up out of my sleep and looked around me. It was dark and the only light was coming from a window. Then I relised I was in my room and that was a nightmare. Suddenly there was another bang followed by a crash of light. I noticed my window was open and outside there was a storm. Another crash of lightning hit the ground and I forced my self to get up and shut the window. I slowly tiptoed over to the window still frighted by the nightmare. I slowly shut it and another crash hit the ground. I jumped back scared and then crawled back into bed. I then began to think about the nightmare and what did it really mean. It surely could not be my future... or could it. I looked up to celing and noticed the shape of a diamond smudged in the corner of it. It slowly disappered and I searched my brain for where Ive seen that diamond before. What does this diamond mean? Is it related to my dream? I sighed and closed my eyes. It didnt make sense! What was the lie I talked about? I tried to forget it and fell asleep.

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