A lie can change you, Inside and Out...

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore.... I was a normal school girl until One lie changed it all.... (comments welcome :D)


5. My past...

I sat in maths daydreaming.I was going to go to the toilets to see whats wrong with me when the bell goes. Even in classes people stayed away from me. EVEN THE TEACHERS! I sighed and thought about my past. I wondered who my parents really were beacuse I was told they both died but I knew they were out there. 'No there dead, your foster parents told you and they cant lie to you' I thought and mentally slapped myself in the face. Still I wondered if they were lying to me. I had never met my parents. I was snapped out of my daydream by the sound of the bell. I jumped up and watched everyone run out including the teacher. I sighed and walked out. I headed to the toilet and walked in to see the popular girls in there. They were putting on there 'every ten minuites' makeup. When they noticed me they dropped there makeup and walked out grabbing there bags of the floor. "Sorry!" They one by one said as they passed me and left. I was alone and dropped my bag. I walked over to the mirror and looked at my self. I frozed. To be truthfull I was scared of my self now. I smiled making them more visible. What was I and why did I have fangs?? I am clearly not normal. Odd dreams, Magic out-of-nowhere diamonds and now Fangs!!! I sighed. My life had now taken a turn for the worst.

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