A lie can change you, Inside and Out...

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore.... I was a normal school girl until One lie changed it all.... (comments welcome :D)


1. A Lie can change anyone

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore. I repeated this in my mind as I looked up at the ceiling. A tear fell down my face and as it hit my arm I felt pain. I ignored it as I diservered every bit of pain. If it was from my tears or from my heart I did not care. I was stupid, I have no reason to live. I stood up and looked around. I suddenly felt this flame inside me grow. I stood frozen and as I looked at my hands, I noticed my veins were going purple. I ran over to my mirror and looked at my self. I looked horrible but I did not care. I raced over and pulled open my frount door. The cold breeze hit my skin but I ignored it and slammed the door behind me. People stared at me but I didnt care. I carried on running down the street. I had to get away, before the pain in my heart got any worse. Running faster and faster. I ran through the town heading to to forest not noticing the.....

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