A lie can change you, Inside and Out...

I lied. My life was a lie. Even I could not believe myself anymore.... I was a normal school girl until One lie changed it all.... (comments welcome :D)


6. A friend?

I stared at the floor a tear falling down my cheek. Everyone hated or was scared of me. I sat in the corner of the bathroom head in my knees and cried. Why did I have to be diffrent?! I suddenly heard the door open but I ignored it. If they saw me right now they would run out scared. "Are you ok?" I heard someone say and I whispered "Stay away from me" I looked up at them and I saw them step back. "Are you ok, your crying" She said and came and sat next to me. "Your-r n-not scared?" I said and looked at them still hugging my knees. "No why would I be?" She said and smiled at me. I sighed and looked at the floor. "My names Mackenzie, whats yours?" She said. I looked back up at her and smiled. "Its umm" I looked back down at the floor. "Truth is, Ive never had a name," I said as I looked back up at her with tears in my eyes. "Do you want to talk about it" She said clearly feeling sorry for me. "The reason I dont have a name is beacuse my parents died and no-one knew my name when I was found alone. They didnt bother giving me a name so I ended up not having one. I ran away from my foster parents and managed to find a empty house where I live now.I wish to find out more about them but its imposible" I said and burst into tears. I felt her rubbing my back trying to calm me. "Dont worry I wont tell anyone beacuse to be honest I am adopted to. I am your friend so ill help you find out more about you," She said and I smiled up at her. I had a friend for the first time in my life.

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