Demigod Savers

3 demigod girls form an organization called the demigod savers to help helpless demigods get to camp. Even though they don't even want to be near the camp which you will learn why later in the story. But when one day they have to save one of the greatest demigods of all, are they up to it? They have to battle monsters they never seen before there to late. Do they save him in time? But during their journey, they realized this is more than saving Percy. It's about saving the world!


15. The Drakon

Skylar woke up to horrible screech. So did Faith and Hope. There was Apollo kids all around us. They were healing us. Skylar stood up. She saw a drakon on the entire state building.

She looked up at her friends. They nodded as if they read her. She shotted off toward the beast. As she got closer, she heard a boy keep yelling help.

" Percy!" I yelled. Unfortunately it attracted the drakon's attention. Uh oh.

It flied toward me. When we collided, I grabbed him by the neck. It went crazy. It tried to buck me off, but I stayed on.

" Hurry Percy!" I screamed. " I can't hold her forever!"

" I can't," Percy yelled. "I'm tied up and they took away my powers!"

" Well you could of told me that before!" Skylar screamed.

" All you have to do is get this amulet off me!" He screamed back.

" Amulet?" Skylar said looking at the necklace with a big diamond around his neck.

That's when I notice the same necklace was around the drakon's.

" What are you doing?!" Percy yelled realizing that Skylar was starting to move towards it mouth. " Do you want it to eat you?!"

" I have an idea!" Skylar yelled.

Skylar then ripped the amulet off. Everything went quiet. Then the drakon turned its head around. Skylar then started to slide out her sword. (ps every time she turns her sword into a lightning bolt and shoot it, it magically ends back on the right side of her.) That's when the most shocking thing happened. It smiled. Then it licked her with its big tounge. After that, it flew over to Percy and cut the ropes surrounding Percy with one nail.

" How did you know that would work?" Percy asked standing up.

" I didn't," Skylar said.

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