Demigod Savers

3 demigod girls form an organization called the demigod savers to help helpless demigods get to camp. Even though they don't even want to be near the camp which you will learn why later in the story. But when one day they have to save one of the greatest demigods of all, are they up to it? They have to battle monsters they never seen before there to late. Do they save him in time? But during their journey, they realized this is more than saving Percy. It's about saving the world!


12. The Challedge

When they got into the fight, Annabeth couldn't believe the moves of the troops from her camp. ( Ok so the Demigod Savers might have trained them on the way to drop them off to the camps.) Riley was practically doing back flips out there! And the monsters were horrible. Most of them she hasn't seen in her life time! Not even in the sea of monsters! The Demigod Savers were right. There were different forces working with the Greeks that want to take over the world. But she still doesn't know what they want to do to Percy.

That's when the Demigod Savers walked into a circle of chalk. The war stopped. Everything was quiet except the laughter of three dark figures who also walked into the circle.

" Foolish girls!" One said. " You have fallen into our trap!"

Hope tried to step back figuring out that she couldn't. Her feet was stuck to the ground. That's when Riley ran in to the circle to try to kill one of them not knowing she would hit a force field.

" You will have to battle us," the same one said. " If you win, you can go free. If you lose, you die."

" Challenge accepted," Hope said.

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