Demigod Savers

3 demigod girls form an organization called the demigod savers to help helpless demigods get to camp. Even though they don't even want to be near the camp which you will learn why later in the story. But when one day they have to save one of the greatest demigods of all, are they up to it? They have to battle monsters they never seen before there to late. Do they save him in time? But during their journey, they realized this is more than saving Percy. It's about saving the world!


5. Storm Spirits

" Do we have any new missions?" Skylar asked the magic bowl of wisdom.

" Yes," it answered in its creepy voice.

" Who and where?" Faith asked while sharpening her spear.

" Percy Jackson, New York," It answered.

" Percy!?" Faith yelled.

" It seams so," Skylar said. " Look in the bowl."

Inside the water in the bowl was visual of Percy Jackson tied up to a log surrounded by monster. He looked asleep.

" And you'll never get to him on time," said a voice behind us. When we turned around, we saw stormy grey figures. Storm spirits.

Skylar, Faith, and Hope grabbed their weapons to be prepared. There wasn't a lot of them though. So it wouldn't take long.

They went for hope first. But she's been practicing much more so they missed and she striked before they did again. That was a smart move. She shot one of her aroes into it back where it's heart was. Most of them ran away by that move. We took care of the ones that wanted to stay or fight.

After that, we tried to estimate how much time it would take to get from Rhode Island to New York. That was a couple states over, but that didn't matter. We had to get to Percy before it was to late.

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