My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


35. Yassss!!!!.....OMG :D

        Valerie's P.O.V

        *9 months after*

  Aaliyah, Mum, Dad, Aaliyah's parents and I were all on the couch opposite the T.V staring at it with our eyes moving only to blink. We were watching X-Factor. Turns out all the boys decided to audition for X-Factor and are now a band...again. Simon Cowell said they were good and decided to join them together. For their first performance together they decided to performe What Makes You Beatuful, the song they wrote before.(Chapter 15,(part 2 of the sleepover))


  See we are now watching the finals and the presenter of X-Factor was going to announce the winner!! They already got 1st and 2nd place done and now it's time for the thired.

  "And last but not least, in third place we have....... ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" said the presenter.

   "AAAAAAAA!!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG MUM HE WON! HE WON!" I screamed "Baby let me just tell you your brother has won a big big competition." I said to my mums stomach. Oh right... I didn't tell you. Well mum is going to have a girl! That is why she told Zayn to come at the hospital long ago, to tell us."Val upstairs now," Ally said with a smirk on her face.

        Aaliyah's P.O.V

This is going to be awesome!! We are going to wait for the boys outside the house , while our parents will go to get them from the airport.

        *When they arrived home*(the boys)

         Niall's P.O.V

  We got at Val's house and Zayn went straight inside to hug Valerie and unpack. He says he needs his afternoon beauty sleep.

  Harry and I waited outside for Val and Ally and they came out hand in hand smiling at eachother. It was kinda akward... yeah I guess. they just hugged and said hi long time no see, we are so proud of you.

  "I think we should tell them" Ally said. "Tell us what?" Harry asked suspicially.

  "Well,  you know how close we are." Val started and we just nodded

  "We..well we are.. dating.. yeah am we tought you would want someone better thsn us so yeah we took matter into our  hands I guess" Ally continued

  Harry and I had our mouths wide open. We knew it was intentioned but still. '' I guess I might not tell you anyways just...yeah yeah forget it never mind'' Harry said on the verge of tears ''Tell me what?'' Val asked

  ''Zayn...he gave us pemition to date bu-''

  ''WHAT! OMG Harry... I love you so much'' Val yelled jumping into his arms

   Valerie's P.O.V

Omg I can't believe my ears right now!! I jumped into Harys' arms and hugged him tightly and Ally just shouted at me ''What the hell.Why did you do that you rouined  the plan!'' She shouted walking over to Niall and kissing him. ''I love you Styles'' I said

  ''and I love you Malik''


Ok so FINALLY I updated a tall chapter.btw I would like to make a shout out to Elounor_forever <3 LUV YA GURLLLL :)

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