My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


36. Why not??

 So Im sorry about the time skip and not keeping up to date like about the pregnancy thing its Anthea being 8 months and something and Val has a secret too that only Ally and her mum know about but I haven't said about yet and it was friday when the whole 3rd place happened and stuff :) so yeah I guess.Luv ya..

Now read on



*next day*

Valerie's P.O.V

I woke up at 12 and un leashed my self from Harrys' arms.I went down stairs to have breakfast. You see yesterday they stayed here and scince Zayn has nothing verses our love, we decided to sleep together. I made a cereal and after I had a toast. Nobody was awake yet because mum and dad went for an ultrasound or something like that at 11:55.

I had a cup of orange juice and went upstairs to have a shower. I never take short showers so I always take about 30 minutes to wash. Once I got out and went downstairs I saw Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam eating and I went to Harry and sot on his lap. ''Want some?" he said refering to the toast. ''No, thanks I just had.''

''So I thaught we could go out today.''

''What time?''I asked

''Right now'' he said smiling. Godness graciouse not now!

''Umm... well I-I can't right now. I-I already got plans with Aaliyah.Im-Im so sorry.I got to go now. Umm.... see you later.'' I said getting off Harrys' lap

''Oh... OK well see you then.'' Harry smiled obvioustly disappointed.

I grabbed my mobile and house keys scince I hid my bag at Aaliyahs'.I crossed the road and knocked on the door. Ally opened the door and smiled, letting me inside.''I have to huury I'm supposed to be there at 1:30 and the game starts at 2.It's 12:45!'' I said ''Come on hurry.'' Ally said taking me upstairs.

*skip getting dressed and stuff.At the ground*

Ok so I was at the ground and the team gathered all up in a circle around the coach.

   Ally's P.O.V

Harry called me saying he wants to know were Valerie is because he knows she lied. I told him and he said they will be here soon.Val is going to kill me!!

She plays football and is either an attacker or a goal keeper, she is good in both. She is pretty good at it and today she will be playing as an attacker.

The game started and Valerie had the ball in her feet going up to the goaler of the opposite team. I started yelling and supporting her and suddenly they passed her the ball and she scored!!

When the boys came they started bombarding me with questions but I shut them up and told them to watch the game. The score was 5-4 with Valeries' team winning. Suddenly Harry whistled and he yelled ''Go Valerie!'' while she had the ball just passed to her and she looked at us with a confused look which was taken over by a confused one.

Suddenly a girl went up to her and pushed her by the shoulder  which made her fall and the other team score. The refery (I dont know how to spell it but its the person who tells the penalties, fauls, hands and stuff :) ) suddenly whistled the whistle and it was called half-time. 

I had Valeries' water and Harry gently snatched it away and went to give it to her but the others stayed here near me.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe she didn't tell me she plays football. Like seriously dude she is so good. She has so strenght in her foot it's really amazing. I took the bottle away from Aaliyah and went to the gate near Valeries' coach and waited for her to come near me. ''Nice hanging with Aaliyah huh?'' I asked in a sarcastic tone. I wasn't mad at her I just saw her!

''Umm yeah.'' She took the water. ''What are you doing here?'' She asked. ''I came to see you'' I said and she smiled and wen back to the game.... We have to talk!!

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