My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


20. who cares about the names of the chapters

       Aaliyah's P.O.V

"Heqhem".We heard someone talk behind us so we turned back to be met by our head mistress.She was standig tall with her hands across. "Amm Goodmorning" me and Val said together akwardly with a smile on our faces so mabe we wont get in trouble. "I didn't see you  this morning during the assembly.What happened?Valerie,usually your mum brings you here and you are never late."she told us looking at me and after at Val."Well you see amm-amm you see Aaliyah yesterday slept at my house and well this morning my mum was  going to start work at six thirty so she left at six and this morning we woke up at-"I cut her off "at quarter to six (6 15) and we were done at six thirty so we left and when we were walking the up the streat amm-aa Valerie fell and-" "Ye ye I fell and and so we had to go to the hospital you know to amm to-" "To get it checked out for her but its fine now."I said.The bell rang "Oh well we got to go to our next lesson."Val said and we left."Saved by the bell"I laughed.We went to our language class.


               Valerie's P.O.V.

*skip school*

The bell rang and I went down the stairs slowly because of the crutches. Finally I reached the door and got out.I met Ally."Hey hows your foot?"she asked me"Okay I guess." "Hey let's go home.Can we stay at mine for the weekend?"She asked me sticking out her bottom lip and making puppy dog eyes "Ye sure.It's better actually because it will be like ten minutes from here but it will take me thirty minutes from here to my house so come on let's go"We arrived at Ally's house and she was holding my bag.My phone whistiled.I got my phone out of my tracksuit and realised I had a message from Harry "Who is it?"Ally asked me "It's Harry he wants me to meet him at the school hall"I said "What are you waiting for then go come on"she said grinning at me "Ok than but do you have something that might fit me?"I asked "Yeah sure come on." She opened the door and we went upstairs to her room.I sat on the bed as she started looking for something I could wear while I texted Harry that I would be there in twenty or thirty minutes and he replied with an okay "Here you go"Ally said tossing me a black crop top with 'BREATHE'written on it in pink and a high wasted shots(of jeans).I put them on and headed off to school.When I arrived I opened the door but just a bit and popped my head in.I saw Harry by the wall and Kim (the mean girl I told you about)kissing.I couldn't just stand there.I felt my eyes getting watered with all the tears.I left as fast as I could leaving the door slam and close by it's self.I heard footsteps after me "Val wait"Harry yelled but I kept walking as fast as I could in these stupid crutches.He caught up to me pretty fast "Hey let me explain it to you" "No ok.Leave me alone I don't want to talk to you"I said with tears streaming down my eyes.I rang the doorbell and Ally opened I got in and she closed the door while I started going up the stairs.


Hey guys im really sorry but I have got to go to bed so see you soon and please I need to arrange something in the book so I am going to tell you about the changes.Please think that Harry and Zayn and the boys are bigger than Val and Ally thanks.(that was the change.Val is form 4 and so is Ally )

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