My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


25. What the hell? (Part 3)

           Aaliyah's P.O.V.

          *skip to when they were entering the hospital doors.*

         *for this chapter you can listen to bleeding love by Leona Lewis*

We walked through the hospital doors and went to the lady at the desk "Am hello,I have an appointment to check my foot....where do we have to wait?"Val asked "Name please"the lady said.She was surely bored out."Valerie Malik" "You can wait right there.After a while they shall call your name."she said pointing to the chairs.Val nodded and we walked to the chairs.It was kind of a waiting room.Harry and I sat down but Val didn't sit "Whats wrong Val?"I asked her "Nothing I'm just boree and don't want to sit."she said  smiiling at us "You sure babe."Harry said "Yup"Val said popping the p. 

*They yelled Valerie's name and this is after her apppointment*

*She was now with no crutches and bandages.She could walk and stuff.I still hurt a bit*

We were in the waiting room and Val decided to stay up again.Harry got up and looked for something in his pockets.He then took out a small blue box and Val just stood there shocked.You can see it in her eyes.He opened the box and there was a ring in it it was beautifiul. Have took it out and said this to Val "Val I'm sorry that I hurt you.I love you with all my heart and you know that.I can't immagine my self without you by my side right here.You're the best girl I have ever met and the most beautiful girl on earth.Valerie I love you and I'm sorry for everything.Will you please forgive me for everything?"Val had tears streamig down her face and she was smiling."Harry I love you too and I can't immagine my self without you either.Ofcours I forgive you."Val said smiling.Harry smiled at her too and they kissed.

                 Zayn's P.O.V.

I saw mom walking to the door."Hey mum.Where you goin?"I asked "I'm going at the hospital. Val has her appointment today.Wanna come?"she asked "Yeah sure give me a sec let me bring my phone"I walked to my room grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

    *Skip car ride*

When we arrived there I was the first to get out."Hey Zayn go I will be there in a minute I have a call.It's from work."she said and smiled.I nodded and walked towards the hospital doors.When I got through the hospital doors I saw Ally,Val,Harry.Val and Harry where kising.I can't believe it.I felt my face getting red and my fists clutching."WHAT THE HELL!!!"I yelled and they turned to me.Valerie just stood there,shocked.Everyone turned to look at me.I gave them a look and they kept on going with their stuff."Zayn I can ex-"I cut Val off "No ok.I told you to stay out of my friends life ok and you just betraded me.Come on your coming home with me"I said and grabbed her from her wrist.She pulled away

"No ok.I don't care what you say I love him and he loves me.Why do you have to ruin every relationship I had?You broke me up with Zack because you thaught he smoked because of a stupid little tatoo.I can't believe you really don't care about how I feel do you?I thaught you loved me.I'm your sister you should believe me when I tell you I care about you and your carrier.I WOULD NEVER EVER get between something you really love and something important to you.But you don't care about me and what I think."Val yelled at me with tears streaming down her face.She ran away and Ally went after her."Meet me tonight at 6 at Groovy Smoothies.You cal Niall I will call the others."I said and left.


So hey guys sory for having you wait alot so this is Val's ring amm well yeah.So any questions or stuff just comment down here.See ya



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