My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


22. The forgivness

          Valerie's P.O.V.

"Hey"he said looking down sleepily.(I wasn't that tired like him but I was tired)"Hey"I said "Want some coco?"I asked akwardly "Thanks"Harry said while I handed him a mug.I was in my pj's so I was cozy."Sorry....but it's not what you think happened"he said looking at me "Oh so you are telling me that you didn't kiss Kim because that's what I saw you doing!"I said nearly shouting "I didn't kiss her she kissed me"Harry said shouting a little."The you coulde've stopped her and don't tell me you did because you had your hands on her cheeks so it looked like you liked it"I said now shouting and I could feel my eyes getting watery "I was trying to stop her because she came in the hall 5minutes before you and I thaught it was you and then when I turned around I saw it was Kim she pulled me to the wall and started kissing me and I tried to stop her that's why I had my hands on cheeks Val"he said looking at me "I-I'm sorry I thaught you were kissing her."I said and I felt a tear sliding down my cheek "It's okay.You know I love you right?"he asked "Yeah Iknow and I love you too"I said into his brown eyes and he looking at mine.We leaned in and  kissed"You know Ally saw the whole thing right?"I said smiling at him "Really?"I giggled at what he said "Hey can I use your fone to text someone please?"I asked.He nodded and handed me his phone.I went on messages and texted his mother

Hey mom tonight I am going to stay at my friends house see you tomorrow-Harry 

After I texted her I dialed in Aaliyah's number and after a while she picked up "Hello?"she said "Hello is this Ally Horan please?"I said changing my voice so she won't notice it's me "Amm"she said.I was holding my laughs in "Im Niall Horan's mother and im at your front door may you please come and open?" "Yes I will be there in a sec"she said and I hung up.I grabbed my crutches and went in front of the door.Harry grabbed the two half empty mugs and came near me.Ally opened the door "Hey was there-" "A lady who was your shining armour's mother...No no there wasn't and by the way ther's something people call prank calling yeah....well you just got-"Harry cut me off "Haleried"Harry said and we all burst out laughing.Ally took the mugs and placed them in the sink while I leaned my head in Harry's chest."I see you got back together ha"Ally said "Don't act like you didn't peak from your window because  I heard you screaming 'AAAAhhhhh' from down there excatly when we broke the kiss"I said and she looked down"Hey I will head home now" "No!wait"I screamed "look at the last message you texted your mum"I said and he obeyed.After he read it he smiled at me."Then I guess it's a sleepover"He said and I nodded "Hey All do you have two spare pillows and a quilt please"I asked and she nodded and went up stairs."Wannt to watch a film?"I asked sitting down on the sofa and putting the crutches on the floor "Yeah sure.Let's see a scary one"he said widening his eyes "Nooooo"I said like a litlle kid "I get scared.....alot"I kinda whispered "Okay then let's watch The Conjuring okay?.....Okay The Conjuring it is"he said while Ally placed the pillows and quilt on the sofa "Egh okay you win"I said.We said our goodnights and Ally went upstairs to her room while Harry and I gor comfy on the sofa.For the first half all I did was stuff my head in Harry's chest and for the rest all I know is that I was asleep.


Hey guys I will update more today maybe hope you liking it see ya

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