My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


15. SleepOver's part 2

"Now when they come  just say 'hi' ok dont make the other boys think that you know him just act normal ok?"I asked Ally "Ok ok man I know what to do dont worry"she replied.We heard a knock on the door "Who is it?"I yelled "Im coming in"Zayn said opening the door "Who told you to open the door and to come in?"I said with a smile on my face "The boys are coming over to spend the night here today so behave."he said to me as I laughed "Ok and btw you really should behave too." "Ha ha"he told me as we heard the door bell ring "Ok so they arrived ok so if you want two of them wrote a song so if you want you can come to listen."Zayn told us running down the stairs "How about we attack eachother a little."I told Ally "What do you mean?" "Help me to take all the pillows in Zayn's room and after the song we attack ok?" "Sounds like a plan."she told me grabbing a pillow in each hand.We took all the pillows from my room to my brothers room and after a minute they came in."Hey guys so these are my sister Valerie and her friend..." ""Aaliyah but you can call me Ally"she added "And these are Harry.Niall.Liam and Louis"Zayn said.The boys sat on the bed except for Niall  and Harry which were going to sing while Ally and I sat on a pillow on the floor.The boys were preparing to sing and after 5minutes they started to sing.Niall first



While they sang the song they looked at us and we just smiled at them.When the song was over Ally and I went in my room but before we left we filled Zayn's room with pillow feathers  because I always keep my promises."ATTACK!!"I yelled and we all started hiting eachother with pillows."That was fun"Ally told me with the bathroom door closed because she was changing her clothes to her pj's as I was changing in my room with the door closed.We inserted a dvd in the DVD player to watch a film we saw Goomies and slept in like 1:30am because after the film we just talked and laughed and played karaoke and stuff and even played some jokes on the boys because we made some Hopla cream on there face for a mustace and gave them a make over with my make up."Goodnight"I told Ally "Goodnight"Ally told me and we slept


Hey guys so Im really sorry for the delay but I was buisy and the song was tall  so I just made the song and thats it I didnt write the lyrics well bye see ya soon. :)

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