My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


14. SleepOver's part 1

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

(A-Ally, N-Niall,V-Val, H-Harry, Z-Zayn)

Her house is really cool.When Mrs Malik opened the door on a side there is the living room and on the other are the stairs.Then they have the kitchen.Valerie and I went up stairs to her room and its totally cool.There house is similar to ours not so special just normal."So this is your room?"I asked Val "Yup" she said to me poppin that p."Hey girl do you have skype?"I asked as she opened her laptop "Yes why?" she asked me "Can you add me please?"I said with a puppy dog face and a baby accent "Yes sure okay."she said and added me.After she signed out she let me sign in and Niall was online so I said Hi "Hey man who are you chatting with?"Val asked me "No one just Niall Horan."I said and smied "Man you seriouse?"she said as I recieved a call on skype "Man hes calling" "Answer him!!"Val said as I hit answer.

A-Hey.How are you

N-Hey.Im good and you

A-Im perfect

N-Hey girl were are you thats not your bedroom

V-Its mine

A-Hey neither that room is your bedroom

H-Thats because its mine

V-Hey Harry.

H-How ya doin 

V-Ok not bad 

H-Well then let me make it better.Happy Birthday

V-Oh my God man do you see the ring too.

A-Oh I see it 

V-Its beautiful.Thanks you really did make my birthday better.

N-Hey guys Zayn is calling on my mobile shh

V-Put him on speaker please(Val whispeared and he put him on speaker.)


Zayn's conversation with Niall on the phone

N-Hey Zayn what up?

Z-Hey man how is it going with the song?

N-Amm ok a few more lyrics and its done

Z-Good.Hey guys tonight come at my house with Harry i'll tell the others ok and bring the lyrics with you please.

N-Ammm do you think its a great idea?

Z-Yes ofcours Valerie will be ok with it.

N-Ok then bye



 The conversation on skype

V-Oh God man what are we going to do? 

A-Well you guys just dont talk to us like you dont know us ok 

H,N(Harry and Niall together)Ok

H-Then bye see you soon strangers

And they ended the call


Hey guys I will continue part two tomorrow thanks bye


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