My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


31. Chapter 31.

 Ok so this is going to be kinda fast only the first bit.

Ally got to her new house and noticed that her new house was opposite Valeries one. While she took her suitcse up to choose a room Anthea went to great the new neighbours. Ally went down stairs to tell Anthea not to tell Valerie the new neighbours were Aaliyahs family and that tonigt they will go out and not attend to the dinner Anthea had planned up. Aaliyahs room was  a baby blue coloured room and had window that if you look through you will see the street, Valeries house and also room scince Vals bedroom window was just like Aaliyahs one. Ally called Valerie and they agreed on meeting at groovy smothies at 7.

Valerie's P.O.V

I started getting ready for tonight. I had already gotten a shower and I was straightining my hair. I picked up a cute top, a pair of jeans, a scarf and toms



I applied some make up when I was done with hair and putting on my clothes such as lip stick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and some mascara. 

I went down stairs with my mobile in my hands, said by to mu and dad, I wasn't talking to Zayn even if he did I had just ignored him. I went out of the door and on the opposite sided pavement walked a really looking cool girl. I knew her style, she was so fashionable I could tell just by looking at her. Finally she turned her gaze to me and we loked eyes. I couldn't believe it. My mouth hung open and she just smiled. "OMG!!!! Why the hell didn't you tell me?!!" I asked shouting. "I wanted to surprise you :) " said a smiling Aaliyah.

God she mademy day the best !!!

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