My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


29. Chapter 29

      Valerie's POV

I woke up to the sound of a zipper.I sat up and rubbed my eyes to clear up my vision."Oh.Hey.Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up." Ally said sadly "Hey.Amm what's going on?" I asked. "My mum woke me up at 5:00 pack up be-beca-cause we are mo-moving today.I taught it was going to be tomorow but they changed dates.I really wanted to tell you before but they told me yesterday at night and I-I was waiting till today"she said.

I looked at her sadly and gave her a small smile trying to hide my tears scince I could already see how bad it was for her."W-where are you going?" 

"I still don't know.I told Niall yesterday and well.... he didn't take it good. You know we just started going out and stuff.I am just goig to miss you guys alot and I hope we can keep in touch if we can't meet and stuff." she said tears starting to stain both of our cheeks."Hey it's gonna be okay.Just calm down you and Naill will work it out for sure believe me okay?" I said getting out of the bed and hugging her.She hugged back and sobbed in my shoulder.I tried to keep my tears in but they would just out.

Losing Ally is just like losing half of me just like with Harry.She is like a sister to me and losing a sister isn't cool, it's like losing half of you.

I got interrupted by a knock on the door.We pulled away and Aaliyah's mother came in.Ally and I both sat down at the edge of the bed looking down at our laps. "Amm..I just wanted to check if everything is fi-" Ally's mum started

"No it's not fine ok!Dragging me away from my second family is fine nor cool it's sad and depressing ok?Why are you ruinning my life huh?And you know what no I didn't obey the rules like you think I always do ok and you know what?I got a boyfriend which loves me and cares about me mo-"

"Ally calm down it's ok.It's ok."I said to her cutting her off and hugging her.

"It's okay."I wispered to her in her ear.She slightly nodded and I could feel her calming down from her breathing.

"We will discuss that later but for now just get your things ready we leave in 3 hours."Her mother said sternley and went out side

"I better be heading home ok but I swear to you that when ever we have got the time we will chat and call and text and go out together ok? Everything there needs to be done will be done ok?I'm gonna miss you alot" I said crying

"Yeah am I will miss you alot too and we will do this we will stay strong just like with Naill and you with Harry" she sighed and we gave small smiles to each other before we hugged again and then I left saying one last goodbye to her.I was feeling really sad and was thinking about going to Harry's but then I just went home.

When I arrived I went up stairs an took a quick shower.I dried my hair and went down stairs in the living room to watch come television.I was watching disney channel because that's the first one that hit my eye and Wizards of Weverly Place was on.I always  liked this movie when I was younger.The door opened and my mum came in. "Hey how are you?" she asked "Bad, alot.Like Aaliyah is moving and she doesn't know where,that stupid dumb brother I have litrally shattered my heart into pieces and yeah he broke 1d up because of me I guess" I sighed.

"No hunny don't say that come on things will get better I promise it's not your fault.Come here" she said and pulled me in for a hug



Hey guys sorry for the long wait and short chapter but mum whats me to go to sleep so yeah am I will try to update as soon as I can and please comment and like and favourite :) thanks see you xxx                                   Valerie xx

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