My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


28. Chapter 28.

      Liam's P.O.V

I walk to Groovy Smoothies since Zayn wanted to talk to us.As I walk through the door I see Zayn,Naill and Harry sitting down yelling at eachother.I walk to the table to see Naill trying to calm them up,"What the hell is going on here?"I ask " you might be seeing they are fighting and I am trying calm everything down so thank you for coming to help."Naill said looking reliefed."Can someone please explain to me whats happened?"I asked as I sat down "Well somebody decided to da-"Zayn said trying to keep as calm as possible Naill cut him "-Zayn calm down It's not like he did something to her,he just gave her a ring and what maybe a kiss on the cheek so he didn't hurt her!" "But I told you Not to date my sister and I told Val like a million times Not to date my friends!!"Zayn said "Ok so Im guessing Harry dated Val."I said nodding slowly as Louis came and sat down "What up?"he asked "Harry was dating Val and now Zayn is super mad at both of them"Naill said."I did nothing wrong,I never hurt her!"protested Harry obvioustly getting annoyed."Well I just wanted to tell you thats its either him in the band or me..."

    Aaliyah's P.O.V

"hey mum I missed you"Isaid mum got in the kitchen "I got news!!"mum said excitedly "What is it tell me?!"I asked "We're moving out!"she said.My smile slowly faded away "Why?Where?Scince when?Whats wrong whit this house"I said as dad entered the room."Am excuse me who are you"dad said looking up stairs.I went to look whats wrong and saw Val getting out of the room with red puffy eyes "Am well...Ally?"she said confused "Oh yes I forgot mum,dad this is Val a  friend I made from school she waskeeping me company"I said.Mum and dad nodded."Ally I just wanted to tell you that Na- amm I mean .....Alexandra from maths texted you."she said.I nodded "I'm coming"I said and she nodded and went back in our room.I gave mum and dad a sad look and went upstairs."We are leaving in two days hunny"mum said but I just kept going."Are you ok?"I asked "Ye im better.But Im not" "Why?" "Read this" she says handing me my mobile to read the message Naill sent "It's all my fault!"Val sobbed.1D is over.Come on its not you its Zayn.Look it's 9 so you wanna sleep erly?"I asked "KK"she said as we laid in my bed.We slowly drifted to sleep.


Hey guys so  @Hazas_Banana cannot go on movellas because its not loaing so yeah see you!

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