My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


12. Chapter 11

Aaliyah's P.O.V

When I arrived home I went straight to the bathroom and took a bath.When I got out of the bathroom the time was already 5 so I started looking in my wordrobe and found a black dress.After I arranged my hair it was 6 so I put on my dress and a black ballerina shoes.I did my make up and left home at 6:30 and when I arrive near groovy smoothies I see Valerie dressed a white croptop t-shirt and a high-wasted black skirt."Hi"I told her "Hi what are you doing here is your date going to be here?"she asked me as  Harry and Niall arrived "Hey guys"Harry said "Hi" me and Val said together "So I guess that our double date is with them right?"Val asked Harry "Yes" "So shell we start going?"Niall said and we started walking.During the walk we all started talking and laughing. "We're here"the boys said  as we walked in the door.It was amasing.There was a big chandelier in the middle of each room."We had a reservation for four please."Harry said "Your saurname please."a lady said "Mr and Mrs Styles and Mr and Mrs Horan pls.One table"Harry said as Valerie and I looked at eachother in surprise and blushed."Follow me please."the lady said and we walked after her.After we sat we ordered our food and drinks.We all ordered chefs choice."So mr and mrs Styles ha?"Valerie said with a smile on her face "Yeah like it?" "Its not bad." "And mr mrs Horan.How are you doing." Val said looking at me and Niall laughing. "Ha ha ha"I told her "No man im seriouse wanna start going out"Niall told me pulling out a ring from his pocket.I just stared I didnt know what to  say or what to do."Y-y-yes?"I said as he put the ring in my finger.


Valerie's P.O.V


After dinner on our way home Niall and Aaliyah went to the left and Harry and I went to the right.When we arrived in front of my house I dont know what happened I just starred at his eyes and......KISSED."I love you"I said "I love you too"he said to me after we broke the kiss.I went in ,ran up stairs and went to sleep.



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