My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


13. Birthday?

      Valerie's P.O.V.

I woke up with the sun in my eyes.I woke up with a happy mood.As I woke I hear a knock on my door."Come in"I said in a sleepy voice."Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to Valerie.Happy birthday to you"Mum dad and Zayn sang "What? Today is only....."I looked at my phone and looked at the date "Thursday 29th September.Omg I forgot I thaught it was 28 today I was going to go buy the chocolates!"I said in a worried voice "Dont worry I bought them yesterday there in your bag."Mum said


We arrived at school and I see Harry waiting for me with Niall and Ally.Zayn wasnt in the car he decided to walk."Bye mum"I said and got out of the car."Hey guys"I said wearing a cool blue t-shirt and a black denim jeans."Hey.Why didnt you  tell us it wayour birthday?"Ally told me "Even I forgot,I thaught it was tomorrow." "Lol"Niall said "Hey Zayn is coming soon so see ya at the cantine?"I told them "Ye we better go.We have to continue the song too"Harry said and they left."So....we kissed."I told her "Omg man seriously" "Yes" "Man come on lets go the bell will soon ring"She told me and we left.


Its break time so I went to give out the chocolates before I went home because today the teachers had a meeting so only one lesson day as I like to call it."Hey Aaliyah take one"I said "I'll be right back im just going to go give one to Zayn and his friends wanna come with?"I asked Ally "Yes ofcours."she said."Hey Zayn,amm do you want a chocolate"I asked "Yes ofcours.Guys come on take one."Zayn told them "Are you sure?"Louis asked me"Amm ye ofcours no problem."

Mum arrived and I didnt want to spend a full day alone so I told Ally to come and have a sleepover at mine and she came.


Yo yo yo how are you doin??I will update tomorrow I think well se ya.

Btw guys please comment down below about everything like the book thanks see you soon <3

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