My secret love

What happens when Valerie starts dating her brother's friend secretly?Will her brother find out?Will they be able to hide it forever?Find out in My secret love.


40. A few years later.

Hey guys so I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately but with school and all well now it's finally my summer holidays so I can finally say.... IMM FRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Now you may keep on reading :) OOOHH!! Wait a second.... sorry for the skip and just so you know it will happen again but I have got big things in mind so yeah.... Sorry again and now you may keep on reading :)


  *Two years after* (Valerie and Aaliyah are 18 while the boys are 19) :)

    Valerie's P.O.V

 It has been two years since the boys have won the X-Factor and it's now 2012.They have been on tour. Up all  night. I have been on tour with them and Louis is dating a girl called Eleanor who is really cute. Zayn has been going out with Perrie a  well known singer which is also in a band called Little Mix with three other girls.Niall and Ally are still together just like Harry and I, whereas Liam is still free and single.

 Being Harry's girlfriend is quite awesome and amazing but it can be hard too. We can't  go out without getting mobbed by fans and hate... well hate is an other thing. At first I couldn't take it, it was way to much to handle but now it has decreased a lot and I barely get any hate now a days. We had all decided to move in together since now we are like one big family Liam being the dad taking care of us, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry being the naughty and noisy little kids while us girls are the good and well... I think I would join the oys group actually... yeaaaahhhh me being my crazy and hyper self would probably make me noisy and well I won't use the word naughty but something more like ummmmm... I got nothing.. yeah go me!!

 The house we have moved in is actually quite awesome you see when you enter the front door on your left there is the kitchen and on your right there is the living room with couches and stuff. If you keep walking down the 'corridor' you will find 6 doors: 5 bedrooms and a bathroom, 3 on each side.

We were currently sitting all in the living room all joking around and laughing.It was the best. We are the best second family ever !!!!


Okay so I need a girl friend for Liam so please comment :

A name.. any name





Thanks a tun. Luv ya all XX <3



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