Lead Me to You

My dreams led me to him, to my only hope. I couldn't fathom what we would find along our way, it was almost an impossible task. Finding some guy that I had only ever seen in dreams. We didn't know what he looked like and we didn't know his name. The only thing we did know ahas that we were connected, in someway or another. We just had to hope that would be enough to save my life.


1. Chapter one - introduction

I was so tired of life. It was just the same old thing every single day, and I didn't like it. I wanted a change of scenery, something new, somewhere new. I wanted to go somewhere where I didn't know every second person and where my family wasn't so constricting. I needed to get more self confidence, well, more confidence in general, it was something I didn't have much of.


But it all changed, everything. I went on student exchange, simple as that right? Wrong. that one simple trip of a lifetime actually became one of many. I had no idea where I was going, when I got off the plane, it didn't even look like I was on the earth I know. It was like I was in another realm. Little did I know.


I didn't know what was going to happen, I thought I was going to make new friends, have fun and get to be a better me. All of that happened, just not in the way I had expected and not in the place I had expected. 


One drastic decision changed my life forever. I learnt things that I had never even thought were possible. It was soon all to much, I went spiralling down, into a pit of nothingness and god was it hard to get out. All of those thoughts invading my mind, it was as if my mind were cup and someone wasn't paying attention while filling it up. Soon I was close to ending my life, all of those bad thoughts were really making me change. I could not help those thoughts though, it was like someone was telling me so many times, over and over until I actually started believing them. 


Only one person could stop these thoughts, and we hadn't found them. We didn't know who they were or where they were living. We didn't even know what they looked like. All we had were my dreams, the very descriptive dreams that showed me in so much detail, everything but their face. 


Three of us went on that mission.


Eva Thorn. Not only does she have a great name, but she is a fierce warrior, one of the best in our school. No body crossed her, she was scary. She was strong and she was brave. She was our protection, and my best friend. 


Noah Storm, heart throb, bad boy, also good with maps. He was our 'brain' of the group along with me. I would tell them where we were heading and Noah would get us there. He knew so many places like they were the back of his hand. He only needed a few maps, not many. So when he did have one in his hands, you knew you were going into territory that was forbidden by us. We were trespassing on another kingdom. If someone found and somehow caught us, we would die no matter who we are. 


 Then there was me, Winter Vaughn, a descendant of Erinys, daughter of Thanatos, God of death. Some think that is where my thoughts are coming from. I had only found this out a little while ago, nearly no one else knew. Only the scientists and the professors. They wouldn't dare tell the students. 


This is where our journey starts. Now some parts will be short because who honestly has the time to keep a diary while on a quest to find someone that will save your life? No one, thats who. 


So lets start this messed up tale of adventure, love and a whole lot of secrets.

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