Wolf Release

Hailey grew up in a small town in Kansas all her life though never knew about the secrets of some people around. She was always a girl for nature and one morning in the woods she finds the most mysterious boy in school known as Sage. He was always to be the boy to keep quiet and rarely shows to school. Hailey tries learning more about the boy, but she instead ends up becoming one of him and his pack. Though will this new form ruin her life as a human?


1. Chapter 1

     The sun held high with a light cool breeze. Colorful leaves blown from the trees now drifting in the wind. As the remaining leaves, sway and dance from the branches above. The little girl leaning against the mighty bark of a tree and stares up at the other trees surrounding her. Her dark braids blowing against the wind. She felt as if something was calling her and telling her to search for them deeper in the woods. She pushes herself off the tree and journeys into the woods, climbing over rocks and tree roots popping out from the ground.

     The young one continues to walk feeling eyes watching her nearby. The more she walked, the more she felt the presence drawing near. She soon stops and finds herself in front of gray and brown creature with golden eyes staring her down. The wolf growls in his throat, not daring to take his eyes off the girl in front of him and neither did the girl. A soft smile appears on the little girl's lips as she reaches a hand out to him. The wolf nuzzles her hand and the girl runs her fingers in the wolf's beautiful, soft fur. Just from one touch, the girl is overwhelmed by warmth as her fingers made contact.


     Hailey awakens and the dream fades bringing her back to the real world. She sits up from the couch and looks around the living room. She stretches along the furniture and rubs her eyes. It was all a dream, but felt so real to her. The seventeen year old looks down at her hands as if to still feel the texture between her fingers. It wasn't a dream but a flashback to her past life. She remembered the touch of the wild creature's fur and how beautiful of a moment it was in her young life.

     She stands from the couch and walks upstairs to her room. The house was a two story yet all there was upstairs was her parents' room, her room, plus a bathroom. She walks into her room with sky blue, zebra print walls and a dark wooden floor. The color of the walls matched along with the bright color of her eyes. She quickly gets ready for school, which has only started a couple weeks back.

     "Sweetheart! You ready yet?" Her mother hollers from downstairs. Hailey's mom works night shifts at the town hospital and must have just got home. Her dad, on the other hand, is one of the best detectives and is rarely ever home. He sometimes goes on long business trips till the case is solved.

     "Almost, Mom! I will be down soon!" She answers back as she tosses clothes onto her bed and throws off her pajamas.


     Hailey walks down the halls of the school as the last period came around. She goes to her locker and puts away her books and takes out her History book. She slams her locker door and heads to last period with a tired sigh.

     "Hey, Hailey!" A fimiliar voice calls to her half way to her class. She spins on the heels of her navy blue, Converse shoes. Her popular friend Raven waves to her while rushing down the hall. Her curly, brunette hair beautifully flows behind her with her black heels stomping against the hard, school flooring. Behind her, the cowgirl Julie followed with her favorite cowgirl boots making slightly less noise and her dark blonde hair in a braid that stuck to her back.

     "Hey girls!" She smiles happily at the sight of her best friends and waves back. "What's up? You two seem excited about something." She assumes from their grins and how they are in such a rush to get to her.

     "You wouldn't believe what happened!" Raven panted as she stops herself from almost running directly into her. Haylie stands there patiently waiting for her friends to catch their breathes and also tries not to laugh at their heavy panting. "Kyle asked of us to come to his band concert this Saturday at his garage. Are you coming?"

     "Of coarse! It sounds amazing! I can't wait to see him." Hailey exclaims excitedly. Kyle was a popular boy in the school and defianatly one of the cutest. Everyone knew him and likes him. He was also the lead singer and amazing guitarist in the school, rock band Psycho Realm. All girls fall for the blonde cutie, including Hailey. Her friends believe them two will be together at some point. They support her all the way and deliver any news they have on him.

     "If only your parents will let you go." Raven groans. Her parents can be slightly protective and it's like they don't trust her on her own, so they continue to treat her like a baby. Hailey frowns knowing how her parents can get, especially her own mother. "I will do what I can," She shrugs.

    "You better come up with something good. You are losing your chances with him." Julie advised.

     There is another girl she was basically competing with over the blonde prince. She was the popular one like every school has. This one though was Chelsea Lingar, a beautiful slim girl with dark brown hair and blonde highlights with amazing electric blue eyes that could get any guy falling for her. She isn't like the really mean ones, but she is still a very stubborn girl looking for attention.

     Hailey sighs at the thought of Kyle being taken by that glamerous cluts. She would do anything to get her hands on anything and everything she's ever wanted, leaving Hailey in the dust.

     "Don't worry about it, Hailey! You have a better chance with him. He would better off be with a nice, smart girl than a slut that throws herself at every guy she runs into," Raven points out, wrapping her arm around her shoulder. "I bet he is thinking about you right now."

     "Don't get your hopes up!" Hailey tells her, knowing any guy would fall for Cheslea's clever tricks.

     Raven looked like she was about to protest on her words, but the late bell beat her to it. "I got to go to class. Bye!" She says quickly and rushes off to class before either Raven or Julie could say another word. She wasn't in the mood to talk about it anymore.

     Hailey didn't pay much attention during the history lesson at all. Instead, she stared out the window next to her desk. Fall was coming around as the leaves were starting to change colors. It looked peaceful as a gentle breeze shook the weak limbs and the grass as if dancing. She felt the woods calling her.

     She thinks back to the day of meeting the wolf. The glamorous creature staring into her eyes. The amazing colors of its eyes as they shimmered in the morning light. The fur of the creature felt like nothing before. She looks at her hand and rubs her thumb over her fingers. The texture and the memory continued to haunt her as if it was something important for the future.

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