Thriller Land

One day, two girls were born. They were best friends. They were also freaks. (In a good way.) But the other girl got curious when she noticed that her best friend was avoiding social interaction...


3. Thriller Land

Cat's P.O.V

I woke up this morning with my demon. Then, I remembered... my demon tried to murder Emily last night. I need to explain what really happened, but how?

As I was bouncing off the walls of my own mind, I heard a strange noise. Almost like a ZOOM! And I headed straight to where I heard it.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Emily.

"Emily..." I stared.

"Wait... where am I?" She asked.

"Thriller Land." I heard my demon say.

"Who is that?" She asked.

"My demon." I said.

"Wh-" I started to cut her off.

"I will explain later." I said.

"Cat, why did you try to kill me?" She asked.

"I didn't, he did." I said.

"So, tell me everything." She said.

"One day, when I woke up... I was inside of my own mind. I was controlled by a demon and I still am. Except not inside of me." I said.

"And was he making you not talk?" Emily asked.

"Yes." I said. "Except he let me say 'No'."

"Wow..." She said.

"And also... Emily you do not belong here." I said.

"Why? I was already somehow transported here." She said.

"Emily, listen, you are in terrible danger." I said.

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