Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


6. Stay In The Dark.

Harry’s Pov


We all sat in Dominic’s living room. Carly say beside me, and her lips were red as usual, it had been a week since I had saw Brook that night. 


The night i finally let her go, and told her how I felt. No words had been spoken between anyone, not one gang to the other. 


“We need a way to get Brook on her own, just so we have leverage over them, get them to come to us” Dominic paced.


“Well, she isn’t going to come easily, she doesn’t trust us” Carly spoke. 


“Do you blame her?” Jason spoke, I was so unsure about him. I never knew who’s side he was really on. 


“She trusts me” I pipe up quietly.


“After the shit you pulled with her, I doubt it darling” Carly spoke, her jealous streak showing. 


“He is right” Steve spoke. “She will listen to him, if you called her up telling her you wanted to talk, say you were sorry she would come” Steve spoke.


“She has always been a push over that way” Dominic spoke. 


“And we know she has a sweet spot for you, I mean you were going to marry the girl for god sake” Steve spoke.


“Would you just shut up about that, that was something that we agreed we wouldn’t speak about” I snapped, standing up. 


“Call her” Dominic spoke, “Tell her you want to say sorry” he continued.


“She won’t believe me, and I don’t think it could possibly work” I say, not wanting to do it. 


Not seeing why anyone really needed to get hurt, but then there was part of me that wanted to, wanted to rip everything apart. 


“Fine” I spoke as their stares broke me.


I step outside, leaving them all in the house. I go and stand in the back garden, calling the only number I have for her, hoping it is still the same one. I ring. Palms become sweaty, and my heart rate increases. 


“Who is this?” I heard a whispered voice into the phone, and she was worried. 


I mean, given the situation, getting a random call late at night, would be enough to make anyone worried. Especially her. 


“It’s me, Harry” I muttered, she rustled around and stepped outside, I knew because the wind picked up. 


“What do you want?” she whispered, and I sighed, closing my eyes. 


“I want to talk” I tell her.


“No, because I don’t want you to just bull shit me again” she said sternly, when really, I knew she would be sighing internally. 


“I’m not going to, please… just listen” i beg her, giving her every ounce of sincerity I can pull together. 


“Two minutes, go” she spoke. 


“I… I just wanted to say sorry, I don’t know what happened to me, I was so wrong to do those things to you, and let her hurt you… you have to know that wasn’t me, I don’t know what has happened to me Brook, since I lost you, the world kind of stopped spinning, but I carried on with out it” I tell her, and she is silent the other end of the line, and I know it did the trick, but it shocked me how easily I was able to say those words to her, almost as if they were true. Why did they feel so true. “I just want you to forgive me” I whispered softly, unaware that my eyes were now leaking.


“I can’t just forgive you, everything you have done Harry” I heard her sigh.


“Please, can you just meet me in an hour, down by the lake that I took you out on for our one month anniversary, please” I beg her, realising I had now decided to destroy her at a place that meant so much to us. 


“Harry, I can’t” she uttered breathlessly, like she was breathing out and blowing away the small bit of hatred she had grown for me. 


“Please, Brook, I just want you for an hour, and then you can go back to pretending I never existed” I tell her.


“I never pretended you didn’t exist” she tells me.


“One hour Brook, It’s not like I am asking for the rest of you life… again… I am only asking for one hour, to clear the air, and then I will leave you alone” I tell her. 


“One hour?” she whispered, considering the possibility. 


“Just one” I tell her, and she sighed. 


“Zayn, he won’t find out about this, I have had one to many lectures about you as it is” she told me.


“Okay, I will play by your rules” I tell her, and she sighed. 


“One hour, at the lake” she whispered, sighing now in defeat. 


“See you there” I tell her.


“See you there” she hung up the phone. 


I walked back inside, and eyes and heads turned to me. “One hour, we are meeting up, I will bring her back” I tell them, and they smile at me. 


“Quick work Harry” Dominic smiled and tapped my back, and I nod lightly. 


“This better be worth it” I mutter. 


“It will be darling” Carly spoke. 


“Steve, Carly, back him up, we don’t know if she will pull anything” Dominic spoke.


“She isn’t like that, she trusts me” I spoke, and he nodded. 


“Well, I told you, you can only trust me” Dominic squinted his eyes. 


“Fine, do what you want” I snarled.


“That is what I like to hear” he spoke. 


“Now you talk to her for ten minutes, and then you take her to the car, okay” he told me, and I nod, knowing ten minutes won’t be anywhere near long enough with her. 


Brook’s Pov.


I pulled on some clothes, and sighed. Taking into consideration everything Harry had done this passed week, and the things everyone was planning on doing, I couldn’t risk anything. 


Though I wanted to believe everything he was saying was true, and his words made me feel better, maybe even made my heart flutter a little bit, I had to think about everything he had previously said, and I knew this couldn’t be it. 


This couldn’t be him admitting he was sorry, because he wasn’t, and he shouldn’t be, because everything I did to him, probably wasn’t half as painful as what he did to me. 


“James, are you ready?” I asked, James had been staying for a while now, falling asleep on the couch after talking to Niall, or late night planning with Liam. 


I told him about Harry, and I would take him for back up, and I tell Niall to come along too, he could hold his own, and he wouldn’t get as mad as the other boys. 


“Yeah, Niall is just getting a jacket and then we can go” he spoke, I nodded and sighed softly. 


“You okay doing this? I mean, I know the others don’t know” he told me, and I nodded smiling softly. 


“It’s better me doing it instead of those two” I snarl.


“Tiff and Flo?” he smirked, I nod. 


“Zayn is going to be pissed isn’t he?” I asked. 


“You know he will get mad and loose it, and ruin the plan, we can’t tell him Brook, no matter how much you want to, this about so much more than your relationship with him” he frowned, and I gulped nodding.


“You guys ready?” I heard, and I smiled at Niall who stood with a bright smile. 


“Yeah, I sure am” I spoke. 


We left then. 


Driving down to the law where Harry wanted to meet. The only thing that hurt me about this was the fact that he was probably going to hurt me in a place that meant so much to us. A place where things had been fine. 


Now all of a sudden they weren’t. 


We sat in the car, the two boys talking, whilst I sat in the back thinking about everything that had happened, and knowing things weren’t going to be the same again. 


“Are you alright back there?” I heard, and was pulled back to Niall and James. 


“I’m just nervous” I smiled softly to them.


“I know this is going to be tough Princess, but we will be alright” Niall told me. 


“Princess?” James asked us, and I smiled to Niall, how reached for my hand. 


“It’s kind of our thing” he spoke smiling at me. 


“Were you two a thing?” James asked, and I dropped Niall’s hand. Anytime anything with me and another boy got brought up trouble was following us. 


“Yeah, before we knew any of the other boys” he spoke.


“How does that even work, I mean your fucking Zayn, you fucked Harry, things happened with Liam, and Louis… how are you okay with Niall?” James was shocked, and I hated how much he knew about our private life. 


“Well, she isn’t mine anymore” Niall whispered, and glanced back at me with half a half hearted smile, that wasn’t convincing at all. 


“Right do you know what to do Brook?” James asked changing the subject as we approached the lake. 


“Tell him to come to the car, and we will go for a coffee yes I got it” I spoke.


“Now, no messing around, ten minutes you sit and hear what he has to say and then he comes back with us, if you want anything to come out of this you follow my rules” he told me.


“Stop treating me like a child” I snarl at him.


“I can hold my own” I tell him, and we pull up down by the lake so I wouldn’t have to walk far. 


“Ten minutes” I am reminded stepping out of the car.


“Shut up” I spoke and slammed the door. 


I walked down the old little dusty path way that broke my heart with every step further I took. I got to the bottom, and I sigh sitting down by the river with my legs crossed. 


I smile at the memory on Harry taking me here, how he lay out a picnic and then we went swimming in the lake, and his lips were soft like velvet and the colour of fresh cherries int he moon light, it wouldn’t so bad for things to be that way again, for things to be so easy. 


Except I didn’t love him, I loved Zayn. 


I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and I sigh closing my eyes. “Hey” I whispered, knowing his touch immediately. 


I turn and look up at him, and he sits down beside me, and for a moment - looking in his eyes - I forget it all, every bad thing he had done, and then say I was okay with it. He could do it all, if it meant I had now with him. My best friend.


Then we sat for about five minutes in silence, and I realise I only had ten minutes. 


“Say something then” I beg him quietly. 


“What do you want me to say?” he turned to look at me. 


“I want an explanation” I snap.


“I didn’t come here to fight with you, Brook” he whispered.


“Why did you come here then? To say your sorry, because Harry you haven’t said a thing” I snap again, and he reached for me, but I grab his wrist and stop him, and he advances further. 


I look in his eyes and drop his hand, he touched my cheek and runs his thumb softly over my black eye. 


“I am so sorry” he told me, and his words were practically screaming at me.


“Are you?” I whispered, and he nodded softly, and brushed a curl back from my face. 


“Your still so beautiful” he told me, and I smile softly at his sweet words, the only thing that hurt now was my own uncertainty. Was he lying, and trying to fool me, or was he really regretting everything. 


“I wouldn’t hurt you” he told him self, frowned in agony. 


“You did” I tell him, and raise my hand to touch his, which still lies on my face. 


“I don’t love Carly” he whispered to me, moving his face closer, and resting his forehead against mine. 


“You know I love Zayn” I tell him.


“I still wish you love me” he whispered to me, his breath still fresh like peppermint, the overwhelming urge to tangle my fingertips into his long brown hair, is almost over powering, but then I think of Zayn, and that makes me want to make distance between me and Harry, but I can’t. 


“You can’t mess around with them Harry, everyone has told me, not to trust you and not to get involved, and that I have to stay away, but I don’t want to believe them, I want you to be honest with me, and forgive me and Zayn for everything we put you through, would you even be able to consider doing that?” I whispered, and he ignored me, dropping his hand. 


“I’ve lied to a lot of people to be here, Harry, don’t make it a waste of time” I tell him. 


“You don’t understand how much you hurt me Brook, and we keep going over it, having the same argument, and we get no where, so why can’t you except your the one that pushed me away, your the one that doesn’t get me in your life” he says to me. 


“Because I can’t imagine my life with out you” I whispered sadly, now knowing its been about ten minutes, but not ready to leave, and have everything ruined. 


“You don’t get to be the one to decide that anymore, Brook, and I really wish you were, because then things would be so much easier” he told me softly. 


“Let them be easy” I tell him. 


“I just can’t Brook, you only fall in love once, and I am so scared you were my once, because this hurt… it stays with me even when I sleep, when I am alone… your the only thing there” he tells me.


“Say, Love will find the boy that I knew” I whispered. 


“No, it won’t” he told me. 


“Can you not let me believe it for a little while?” I asked looking up at him, and he gave me the first smile in a long time.


“Don’t give me that look, with your innocent eyes” he smiled.


“you always liked them” I smiled back.


“Which is the exact reason why, I have to look away now” he whispers to me, and averted his eyes. 


“I left something in my car” I spoke, and he turned to me.


 “Want to me to come with you” he asked me.


“Sure” I spoke. 


“Wait” I heard a loud voice, and I look over Harry shoulder, and he lets out a deep sigh, and closed his eyes. I saw Steve. 


“You dick” I spoke, and stepped back from Harry, and he looked at me with pleading eyes. “Harry, you lied to me!” I shouted.


“Get over it sweetheart” I heard, and I saw Carly come from behind Steve. 


“I was the stupid girl again, wasn’t I? You talk about how I hurt you, but do you even understand how much your hurting me right now Harry!!” I shout, and feel like I am breaking in several different places. 


“I’m sorry” he uttered.


“I’m not going to fall for that one again” I snap. 


“Don’t be such a hypocrite, Brook, tell Harry about the little friends you brought” Carly smirked, and then Harry looked up at me with a dark black mist covering his eyes. 


“Well clearly I had a right to bring them” I seethed. 


“You didn’t really trust me?’ he asked me. 


“With good reason I see!” I shout back at him.


“Why, wouldn’t you trust me?” he whispered, truly offended by it. 


“Because, something just told me that you would pull some shirt like this” I whispered, and he looked up at me. 


“We have never been so far apart, have we?” he asked me, and I closed my eyes looking down to the floor. 


Harry reached for me, “Don’t you fucking touch me!” I shout.


“Brook” I heard next, and I looked back and saw Niall and James, and everyone looked their way. 


“Don’t start the party with out us” James smirked, and came to stand behind me. “You okay?” he whispered, to me, and I glance to him. “Did he hurt you?” he asked with concern, and I shook my head. 


“I wouldn’t hurt her” Harry whispered. 


“Well you would, so don’t lie” James snapped at him. 


“Your so dark now Harry, it wasn’t ever Zayn that was, it was you, with all the lies, how you always wanted to be so controlling over what happened in mine and Zayn’s relationship, it was you that was dark! You were the creature that was hiding his true self, not Zayn, he has always been honest about who he is, you were the liar, never him” I snap at him. 


“Brook, leave it” Niall whispered, and I looked to him, then back at Harry who had now grown a stiff upper lip. 


Carly stepped in, “Come on baby, we don’t need this” Carly touched his chest, and he looked to her, and then over to me. 


“Stop wasting time on people who don’t love you, Harry!” I shout, hating the girl he was with. 


“You mean people like you” he whispered, and I laughed slightly shaking my head. 


“If that is what you want to believe then fine, if you think I don’t love you then walk away like the little boy I know you are you now, don’t stay here and fight like the man you were” I snapped. 


“I knew you’d give up on me” he told me.


“You gave up on yourself” I tell him. 


“Come on, we can’t risk things with these two here too” Steve spoke, and Carly intertwined her fingers with Harrys, and I rolled my eyes. 


Though quickly seeing my weakness, I see Niall by my side holding my hand, and I look to him with watery eyes. “It’s okay princess” he turned to me, and covered me in his arms, and I whimper into his chest, even James pities me and pats my back. 


“Don’t worry Brook, I promise to stay in the dark where I belong” I heard Harry, and I sigh seeing him disappearing away.


“Niall, I want a drink” I utter quietly for only Niall to hear, against his neck.


“Quick” I heard James, “Let’s go and get this girl some whiskey” I heard him say. Like he read my mind.




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