Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


23. Nyctophilia

Flash Forward. - Brook’s Pov


I sat in a chair, staring out the window at the bench in which one of the women who lived her sat on, muttering away to herself. I had pills on the table beside me, and a glass of water which imagined would taste as bland as the rest of the day felt. 


“Brook, you have a visitor” the nurse spoke from behind me, and I turned slowly, and saw Zayn. I gulped and looked down to the floor, then back out that window. Zayn sat in a chair opposite me, and tried to look at me. 


“I brought you these” he spoke, and placed the flowers down in front of me. With my knees to my chest, and my arms wrapped tightly around my self, I simply nod at him. My skin was play and my hair was tied up, bags hung heavily under my eyes, and I could feel my insides burn as he stared at me. “How have you-..”


“Where have you been for the past three months?” I ask, my voice low, and sore from crying every night. 


“I know, I haven’t been here in a while” he told me, “But I am here now” he spoke.


“You don’t have to be. I know why you haven’t been here, I know you’ve been seeing her. You reek of her now, or maybe that is just guilt” I say, and look away from him. 


“I-I don’t know what you mean” he stutters.


“Don’t lie to me, I’m not mad Zayn. I get it. I got put in here, and you were lonely, she was there, it’s okay” I say, and then face him slowly. 


“Brook…”  he whispered.


“I want you to leave, I’m sorry. I don’t well today, the thoughts aren’t… aren’t helping your case right now, so please leave” I say.


“Thoughts?” he asked.


“You’d of known that if you’d of stayed here, if you’d of come and seen me, but I had nightmares Zayn, I had bad thoughts, and now they don’t leave my head. Everything comes back in painful flashes” I spoke. 


“I didn’t -..” 


“I know, now please go, and take the flowers with you” I say, and stand up, weak from the coldness. “Goodbye” I whisper.


End of Flashback.


I woke up with a heavy head, that felt like it was about to explode. But the room was dimly lit with the bright light of what seemed to be mid day. Caleb lay on the floor of the hotel room, and I remembered something about him staying for the night, as he was too drunk to drive. Our bags were in a pile in the corner, and the room reeked of whiskey, which left me still a little bit tipsy, but I stand up, and knock for him to wake up. 


“Ow” he moaned, and sat up, and looked at me. “Morning” he rose, and stood up, then sitting himself back down on the bed. 


“You should get going, I have to shower, and then get going” I spoke.


“Mind if I grab some food first?” he asked, and I shook my head. 


“Go for it, the hotel supplied stuff in the fridge” I sat, rummaging for some kind of sensible clothing. 


I knew that if I showered, it would be the last one I would have for a while, and that the clothes I wore were going to have to last me, depending on what exactly they were going to give do to me. So I took advantage as I walked into the small showering room. 


I let the water smoother me, and warm me. I let the suds dance over my scared and jagged skin, as they ran down me, they popped and jumped down the drain. 


After I was dressed, I walked out to see Caleb tying his shoes. “Sorry to rush you out” I spoke, and he shook his head, his hangover being loud and clear to me. 


“It’s no problem, the family are going to wonder where I have been anyway” he told me, and I smiled. 


“I never asked you Caleb, what’s your new job?” I ask him, and he smiles at me. 


“I work for a bank” he told me, and hugged me tightly. “Give me a call when you have sorted something out, or whatever you need to sort out” he spoke, and wrote his number down, on a scrap piece of paper.


“I will, bye Caleb” I say. 


As he goes, I leave not long after him. I had made sure to go to the closet airport to where Ricky’s offices were. I lived not far from there, on the outskirts of London, and that would be where everyone was right now, but I had to do this, there was no talking myself out of it. 


I hopped in a cab, and the drive was long, and unbearable, but by the time I had arrived in front of the building, I didn’t want to get out, I wanted to wait for a moment longer and beg for my life, but I didn’t. I paid the man, got out, and was on my way. 


Zayn’s Pov


I woke up with my body aching, and I lay for a moment, considering just leaving everything. Just packing a bag and running, but I could hear yells down stairs, which told me I couldn’t run because I had to care for the boys who were acting like children. 


But I paused and looked across the bed, where Brook’s head should of laid, Perrie’s did instead. She fluttered open her eye lashes, and grinned at me, “Morning” she spoke, and I smile. 


Nothing had happened, we had quiet simply just lay beside each other for the night. “Morning” I say.


“So are we going to go down and see what all the fuss is about?” she asked, and I nodded softly.


“We probably should” I tell her. 


We walked down stairs, me; bruised and annoyed, her; smiling. We step the living room, where the boys stood and so did Harry. “When did you get here?” I spoke, but he was pissed. He was more than that, I don’t think I’d ever seen him so mad.


“You could of told us what they were taking her for you dick!” he yelled. 


“Excuse me?” I wander further in and sit on the couch, and sigh in agony. 


“I went to Ricky’s office last night, I broke in, thought I’d be able to find something that would help us, maybe even help Brook. But I found out what you’d kept hidden from us, you knew all along what Ricky was taking her for” Liam seethed towering over me.


“You didn’t need to know-..” I was cut off. 


“Didn’t need to fucking know?! Zayn, they are going to use her for sex trafficking, and you didn’t think we need to know, you really think I would of let her out of my sight then, I would of watched her closer, I wouldn’t of let her be alone!” Harry yelled, guilt hoovered above him.


“You shouldn’t of had to know that to keep her safe, you should of just kept her safe” I snap at him. 


“So now she is handling all this on her own, and if she can’t do it, just think about all the vile, dirty men that are going to be grooming her! Don’t you realise how serious this is!” I heard. 


“I do”


“Clearly not, you’ve been to busy being occupied with your slut for the night” Harry yelled pointing at Perrie.


“She has nothing to do with this, leave her out of it… this about you and how you didn’t keep you’re eyes on Brook! Are you even on our side, or are you still Ricky’s lap dog” I seethe, squaring up to Harry.


“Fuck your pride, and your ego” Liam stepped in, “This is about Brook, do you the awful things they are going to do to her” he snapped.


“You’re right” Harry sighed. 


“Come on, everyone get ready, we need to go Ricky today, and make some kind of deal better than the one you did last night” Liam spoke. 


“Niall, Louis, get the car started, I am going to go and get the guns, Perrie you are more than welcome to join us when you have put some clothing on, and Harry come with me, and tell me the plan, Zayn…” Liam paused, and stared at me, “You do what you feel is right, cause you don’t listen to me” he warned me. 


Brook’s Pov


I got to his office, and walked through the open door slowly, and sighing. He sat in his chair, in his navy suit, and flashes of the last time I saw him filled my mind. The time I had to kill. I held my hands together, as if they still had the blood on them, I could still smell the air that had the dust from the gun in.


“I heard you’d becoming to see me” he smirked, and stood up, “Take a seat, drink?” he asked so casually, and I loved how calm he was, and how professional he acted, like nothing had happened. I felt to relaxed in his presence, maybe we were a like after all. 




“Fine choice” he spoke, “So, what can I do for you Brook?” he asked, as he cracked ice into his glass, and walked over the room to me, as I sat on a black leather couch, and admired the interior of his office. 


“I want you to take me, do what you want me with now, I know you’ve made plans to kidnap me, so I thought I’d cut out the bullshit and just give you want you wanted” I say, and he hands me the cold glass. 


I try to play this cool, relax and act like I do this thing all the time.


“Oh yeah?” he asked, and I nodded.


“But, I will only come willingly, if you promise to leave Zayn and the boys out of it, and you let Harry out of what ever contract he made with you” I say.


“Well, you’re here now, what makes you think I am going to let you leave?” he asked me, and I pull out my silver pistol. 


“I shoot” I spoke, “Don’t let me leave, I shoot you” I spoke, and he smirked at me, standing up as I toy with the gun.


“See, this is why I want a girl like you, you’re charming, beautiful, and you can handle a gun” he toyed with his cufflinks. “I promise to leave them alone” he then tells me. 


“How’d you know I was here” I stand up, and look at his face closer, he has cuts, and bruises, and I imagine the rest of him being just as bad. “Did Zayn do that to you?” I whisper, knowing exactly what his cuts a bruises looked like on other people. 


“Yes. We had a match. I won, I got to keep you when you handed yourself in, I lost, I had to let you walk out that door” pointing to the door, then raising his glass to his lips. 


“Let me guess” I pause, and pace around the room, took look out of the wall size windows. “You won” I finish. 


“I did” he spoke, “Don’t worry, lover boy wasn’t hurt that badly, he got distracted, and pretty girl was in the crowd, blonde hair, she went outside with him for a while, and then they drove home, I saw his weak spot, and took advantage” he says, and my back is still to him. 


“Do you know who she was?” I ask. 


I have learn one thing. Ricky is an honest man, he doesn’t like, he is sick and twisted and brutal by any means of the word, but he is not a liar. 


“No, I heard you’ve had dealings with her before, Niall and Louis sat talking about it with Riley” he spoke, “That’s a good thing about gangs, a match, we normally put our differences aside” he says, and I nod. 


“Perrie, she’s the only one good enough to distract him, the only one that has every distracted him from me” I turn to face him, but keep my upper lip strong, though it was a fatal blow that made my heart hurt. 


“Some competition?” he smirked, and I nod. 


“So, here, if you promise to leave them alone, I am coming willingly, you’re taking me wherever, with whoever right?” I pass the gun to him, and neck the rest of the cool whiskey. 


“I am a man of my word” he told me. 


“Let’s go then” I say.


“You’re going to be escorted by my younger brother, he is new to all of this, I am thinking you’ll toughen him up a little, he is going to take you to NYC, you’ll be placed with a gang there, and they are going to using you as undercover bait, the information all your friends got was wrong, I knew they’d try, so I got some fake information to them, through a little friend of yours” he told me. 




“He works for me too, you’ll learn that. This gang, they specialise in drug busts, you’ll see some pretty cruel shit now Brook, if you thought everything else was dark, then your about to experience nyctophilia” he spoke, and I gulp.


“I didn’t ever intend on hurting you, Brook. Gangs only want what is best for them, and other gangs ruin that opportunity, they have to go. I just want you’re help, when you’ve paid back the debt of what you’re boyfriend and some of his thugs stole, you’ll be okay, you can go, or stay on your own accord” he explained.


“You’re not the bad guys are you?” I ask him.


“None of us are bad guys, we just have to look out for our own” 


“Where is your brother?” I ask.


“Downstairs, in the back room behind the lobby, we thought you’d be a little bit earlier so he has been there a while” he told me.


“Sorry to disappoint, i had a night out with an old friend” 


“Well, you’ll make plenty of new friends with me, it will be good for you, knowing different gangs, you’ll have different connections, you may even be the one to stop all the conflict between my gangs and Zayn’s” he told me. 


“Yeah, well, I think you know I will always be a little bit more loyal to Zayn’s” I remind him. 


“I’d expect nothing less” he smirked, “My brother is down stairs, ripped jeans, black shirt, messy hair, you’ll know him when you see him” he spoke, just throwing me his best grin. “Oh and here”  he spoke, throwing me a box, “A new phone, you’ll need one, its already got all of our numbers in, the gangs, feel free to add Zayn’s and everyones” he spoke, “But not just yet, okay?” he told me, and I nod. 


“Is that all?”


“Take this” he spoke, walking back over to me, and handing me the gun, inches away from me with a whiskey sent on his breath. “I don’t have many rules, Brook. I will keep to my word, I won’t touch Zayn, and Harry is out of the contract. But if you double cross me, and lie to me, I won’t be responsible for what happens to you, or them” he lowered his dominating tone. “Is that clear?” he asked me, and I nod. 


“Crystal” I say.


“I will see you soon” he spoke, and I walk out of the room, with the gun back tucked into my jeans, leaving with my body and face in tact, that was easy.


Who ever said you couldn’t make deals, who said we really needed to do all that fighting, we could of done all of this months ago, and it would of been over by now. Maybe I knew more about this gang world that what the boys had given me credit for. 


I got to the back room of the lobby quiet quickly, and when opening the door, I was brought face to face with an attractive boy, and I smile. As he lets go of the door, “Brook?” he asked, and I nod. “I was beginning to think that you weren’t going to show” he opened the door for me awkwardly. 


“Yeah, was running a little late”


“Our flight is in a few hours” he spoke, “Do you have your things, or do you need to pick them up, we can stop on the way to the airport” he told me, and I nodded in awe at how perfect this boy looked with so little effort.


How was he Ricky’s brother. I could see the same eyes, but everything else was so much different.


“A hotel a few miles down the road had my bags at, we can go now if you want?” I ask, and he nodded.


“Ashton by the way” he told me, and shook my head.


“Nice to meet you”


We walked out into the lobby and got to the front desk, I heard a rowdy much of people walk into the lobby, and I turn to see six familiar faces. “Shit” I mutter.


“Something wrong?” he asked me. 


“Yeah, give me your jacket” I spoke, and he nodded, taking it of quickly. I put the hood up and, pulled the zip up, but they began to walk to the desk, and their was little room to escape. 


I had to think quickly, “Come here” I grab his hand, and take one look at Zayn, and see how he is protectively lowering his hand on Perrie's back. I pulled Ashton, about three metres away, as Liam glances over, “Kiss me” I snap, his eyes widen.


“What?” he asked, I groan and rolled my yes, cupping his face, moulding his lips to mine, and pulling him further into me, so I could hide my self, I turned to Ashton’s back was against the wall, and mine was all they would see. 


“Ricky’s office” I heard Harry’s voice.


“Do you have an appointment?” the women asked.


Harry leant over the desk, and threatened her. “We are the fucking appointment” he seethed, and she buzzed to let the doors open. 


“Some people” I heard Perrie, shake her head at me and Ashton.


I pull back when I am sure they are gone. “I am sorry about that” I say and wipe my lips, and he smirked at me.


“Ricky said you were confident…” he grinned.


I chuckle, “Sorry, those guys were’t allowed to see me” I spoke.


“Yeah, well, it’s really nice to meet you” he laughed at me, and U nudged him, “Come on, lets get going, NYC needs you or so I hear” he told me. 





What a way to meet Ashton huh? Well I loved how they met. COMMENT!!

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