Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


10. If I don't have you.

Brook’s Pov


I had sat there for a good ten minutes now, and hope had done nothing but look at me and wonder what she had done wrong. I looked over to her and nodded for her to sit down beside me. “Look” I began, but she stopped me. 


“I know who he is” she stopped me. 


“You do?” I told her. 


“Yes, I do now anyway, he told everything that happened with him and a girl called Brook, and I thought it was just some girl, but then I saw you and then Zayn and then it all made sense” she told me. 


“Hope, you seem sweet-.. but you don’t know what he is capable of” I tell her. 


“I do” she mutters, and sits down beside me. 


“And after all he has done, you’d go to him, knowing how your brother feels” I tell her. 


“Not to be rude, but you did the same thing with Zayn… Well that’s what Harry said” she softly looked up at me. 


“Yeah, I suppose I did, but I wouldn’t want to see what happened to me, happen to anyone else” I tell her. 


“But you fell in love, wasn’t it worth it?” she smiled widely, so smitten with the idea of love. 


“I lost everything else though, my family, my friends, myself” I tell her, “I wouldn’t want to see you become so broken, that you don’t even know your own face” I say.


I then stop, and realise something that should of concerned me sooner. 


“Please, tell me James doesn’t know about this?” I sit up straight. 


“No, I knew he wouldn’t approve, I mean… especially not now anyway… why?” she asked me.


“I’m sorry, but I still care about Harry, there are things between us you couldn’t understand, and I know what James would do, and though Harry has hurt me and is the whole reason everything is the way it is right now, I don’t want to see James hurt him” I explain.


“I don’t blame you for loving him” she uttered. 


“I don’t love him” I defend. 


“He loves you, you know… it hurts but sometimes when we are out, or we are in a motel room away from everyone, he talks about you, how he hurt you and how much he wish he hadn’t made the mistakes he made, that even if you did go back to Zayn, he had still been there to hold you hand along the way” she told me.


I stood up and walked to the other side of the room, “Well doesn’t have the right to say that” I sniffle, stopping my own tears. 


“I feel dirty sometimes, like even though your not with him, I’m the other woman” she tried to laugh, but breathless words were the only thing to escape. 


“You are, remember? Carly” was all I said to look at her. 


“Yeah” she whispered. 


“I don’t mean to be rude, but please understand hoe difficult this is, how much it hurts that I can’t see my best friend anymore, because of the person he has become, because he hurt me, and he lied and he said he wouldn’t, I don’t trust him, and I don’t know you very well hope, but you seem great, and James has been so generous, I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt” I tell her. 


“I understand” she says, and I sigh in relief at the only person in the world who seemed to listen to me. “But that isn’t going to make me stop” she says, and i roll my eyes. 


“Do you hear yourself, your in love with someone that is only ever going to hurt you, when he doesn’t get his own way. Hope, I’m sorry but you can’t go to Harry anymore, not now, things have gone far enough” I almost yell.


With tears in her eyes she begins to speak. “You don’t understand, you don’t know what he is like with me, you know maybe you were the problem, you have Zayn, please, Brook, don’t make me stop loving Harry, because you still want him” she whispered. 


“Hope… I don’t want Harry, sure, I loved him, and I still care about him more than you’ll ever know, but I love Zayn, and I’m not letting him go” I tell her. 


“Then Harry go” she tells me. 


“Hope-..” she stops me.


“Don’t say you have, you haven’t… he is still so caught up on you, I am giving him my heart and soul, but somehow every night he still thinks about you, when he is too quite or when he goes pale, even when he kisses me, I know he is thinking about you” she told me, now bawling her eyes out. 


“Maybe it is him that needs to let go” I whispered, and then i recall. Every second my lips were on Harry, I was thinking of Zayn. Every time his hand touched my waist, I wished it was Zayn’s. These feelings that Hope had, were ones that Harry must of had. 


“You didn’t leave him Brook, he let you go. If he meant anything to you, you would of kept fighting” she spoke to me, and I knew she didn’t say these things be cruel, and she knew I was only looking out for her. But somehow, we found a way to fight. 


“I know” I say to her.


“I’m so sorry, Brook. I There is just something really wrong with me and I don’t know what that is” she spoke. 


“There isn’t anything wrong with you, Hope. I know Harry, and he doesn’t give his heart away easily, if he is even giving you a part of it, then you are special” I tell her, and she gave me a smile with a blush on her tear stained cheeks. 


“Do you still love him?” she then asked me. 


“Honestly? I don’t really know, but I do know there is just something I don’t want to let go” I admit to her, and look down to the whiskey glass in my hand. 


“Oh” was all she said. 


“I’m sorry, i’m not going to stop you from seeing Harry, I’m not even going to James, because at the end of the day, if you get hurt, you’ll learn from it, and …. and if makes you smile, then don’t let him go, if anyone is going to bring back the Harry I knew, I have a feeling it is going to be you” I tell her, and she grinned, throwing her arms around me, and I wanted to cry into her, being swept over by emotions, but I know I couldn’t. 


I pull back, “You make sure you tell me everything” I told her, and she nodded. “Go now, call him, tell him to meet up, make him feel loved, bring him back to us” I tell her. 


“Promise not to steal him” she smirked.


“I promise” I say. 


Hope left then, with a smile on her face to see Harry. I stood up, and looked down the table, and I saw a piece of paper on the table, and I saw an address on the table with the name Ricky on the top of it. I picked up, and thought of the consequences of me going to where it read. 


I call a cab, and with ten minutes, I was driving to the destination. 


Harry’s Pov


It’s easy write about the person you love.

But, what about when you no long love them and you are not infatuated with them, but your soul however is. 

It is increasingly harder, when the person who shares the same soul, no longer requires yours, nor did they ever really need it. 

Then your fear just creeps in on you, and the more you fear, the more that monster inside your head has to feed on, and it toys with you telling you now that the reality you know was a lie, and that it was the enemy. 

Now you see, Love is like a lemon. It was bitter, but it could be sweet when used correctly.


“Hey” I heard and turned around to look at the person who spoke, and it was Carly. I closed over the book I was writing in. “Miss me?” she smirked, and I shrugged as she sat down beside me. “Don’t make me out be a fool Harry” she warned me and put her hand on the back of my neck. 


“Aren’t you meant to be meeting with Ricky?” I asked her standing up, not really thinking about anything but the conversation with Hope… Well, Brook.


“Yeah, but I have been told to call you along too” she spoke, “So hurry up, I will wait around the corner where the car is” she told me, and I sighed and nodded. Still completely bewildered by Hope, and as to why Brook answered her phone. 


“Be right out” I spoke. 


Three minutes after she left, I went to the door and as I opened it, Hope stood there with a pleasant grin on her face, and her hand raised to knock, but she pulled back. “Hey” she breathlessly spoke. 


“Hope? I told you never to call for me here” I grip her arm and pull her into the house, and she stumbles a bit. 


“I’m sorry, I just thought you deserved an explanation as to why it wasn’t me on the phone” she says. 


“Hope, I would love to talk but do you understand that Carly is around the corner?” I frown at her, and she sighed and looked to the floor. 


“Your girlfriend” she rolled her eyes. 


“Don’t be like that” I say and hook my finger under her chin, so she looks back up at me. “We agreed this is why you couldn’t come” I tell her. 


“I know” she says. 


“Now, are you going to tell me why Brook answered the phone, your not going to go looking for very girl I have ever been with are you?” I say harshly, and she shakes her head. 


“Just the one’s you were in love with” she smirked, knowing is a joke I shake my head at her. 


“Explain, please, I have to go” I tell her. 


“It’s a long story, but…” she took in a breath like it was hard to say, like the words she was about to utter out of her now pink lips, would ruin her, break her, and break… us. 


“My brother, James… I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but he is the officer that has your case, he is working with Brook, and Zayn against you… and tonight, Brook was told to watch me why they all went to see … Ricky? Or whoever, and well, we spoke about you and it only clicked who she was when I saw her face when she answered the phone” she explains. 


“Shit” I stand up straight, and pace, running my hands through my hair. “You don’t understand what a mess this is” I say and turn to face her. 


“I do… Brook already said” she spoke. 


“What else did she say? She isn’t going to tell James is she, because my boss will think I am working with Brook again and I’m not” I say. 


“She won’t, she told me so” Hope looks away from me. 


We stand there in silence for a moment. 


“So is this all over now?” she looks over to me, and her eyes are soft and almost broken. “No more fun?” she asked. 


“I’m all for dangerous, but isn’t it weird? your brother is working with my ex, and your like… friends with her, and I am basically trying to ruin her” I said, not wanting to hurt the poor girl. 


“That’s not the reason at all, no… your scared” she told me. 


“Oh am I? Of what?” I frown. 


“Your scared if I am friends with Brook, its going to make this whole plan of yours a hell of a lot harder” she snapped. 


“Well it will! The simple fact James is your brother already makes it more complicated!” I yell at her. 


“It’s your call Harry… end if you want… but only on one condition” she pouts her lips. 


“What’s that?” I ask. 


“You tell me that you could never love me, not even a little bit” she says to me, I open my mouth to tell her what she wanted to hear. But nothing. 


“I can’t tell you that” I say.


“So, if you could love me… isn’t that telling you there is something worth fighting for?” she steps forward. 


“Fighting is hard, and it will break you and beat you, and you can’t end up like she did” I whispered, my hand touching her cheek, bringing her body closer to mine. 


“You don’t want me to be like Brook?” she asked. 


“Why would I want that?” I hush my voice. 


“Because you actually loved her, you gave yourself truly to her” she explains, and I run my thumb along her cheek. 


“If you were like Brook, I couldn’t be with you, I would get hurt, you would get hurt, everything would fall apart… the whole point of me being able to love you, is that your not her” I tell her. 


“So, what’s your call Harry? Are you going to make me walk away, or fight for me?” she whispered, inches from my face, poring her eyes into mine. 


“I want you to walk away, get out of this life, not have to deal with me fighting, and Brook having a break down, and everyone getting her around you, I want you to walk away, so you never have to know what its like to be truly alone-..” she cut me off. 


“Why would I be alone? I wouldn’t be alone, i’d have you” she whispered. 


“No, there is no saying you would, because we’d pulled apart, and we wouldn’t have any control over it, even if we left you wouldn’t escape this” I say. 


“Is there a but coming up soon?” she asked, and I smile half heartedly down at her. 


“But, if I fight your for… then maybe I can save myself, and I know that sounds selfish, and I know this morning I was telling you I didn’t love you, and that it was only a friendly thing… but the more I look at you, the more I want to wake up with you in the morning and go and get you a coffee” I smile at her. 


“I want to save you” she the reached to my face. 


“Brook said that once, and she didn’t save me, she made me sink with loving her so much”  I say, vulnerable under her touch. 


“Like you said, I’m not Brook, maybe you’ll love me a little bit less” she said, and I smile at her innocence. 


“Or… maybe I would love you so much, that you could pull me under so I was sinking,  but pull me out again so I can breath” I tell her, and she presses her lips against mine. 


“Does that mean your going to let me save you?” she muttered, and I pull back cupping her face. 


“It mean’s I’m going to save us both” I tell her. 


“I should go” she smiled, “Be safe tonight… I should tell Brook how things went” she says, and I nod, her name still tugging at half of my heart. 


“Okay…” I sigh. 


“I’m not going to mess this up, but I can’t have James get suspicious, and I find it really easy to see  why you loved Brook the way that you did” she says. 


“Yeah… I still see it too” I tell her, and she is okay with it because just the plain and simple idea of me loving her was enough for the both of us. 


“She’s my friend now Harry, believe it or not, she is the reason I’m here, she told me if you made me smile, and if I could save you, then to do it… because she wants the old you back, and… there is a part of her, that is still in love with you, even if you don’t see it, its there” she spoke, and turned to walk out. 


“Tell her I say Hey” I speak quickly, nervously, hoping she catches it. 


“Okay, call me” she spoke,and then she was gone as quick as she came. 


Then I remembered Carly, and how pissed she was going to be. 


Brook’s Pov


I paid the cab driver and stepped out of the car, it was dark and the moon was shining down on to the building that had mucky windows ands cracked wooden beams outside, but I walk in. The door creaks behind me and I step inside, letting the heavy metal door fall behind me. 


I heard voices. Following them there is a dimly lit room and it has darkness surrounding it other than one single light falling down in the middle, and opposites stand facing each other. 


I stand around the corner, and listen, peering finally getting a good look at the man named Ricky. He would of been attractive if it wasn’t for his personality. 


“You can’t fucking rob from me and expect to get away with it, Steve may think I am soft with him now, but he is just looking out for his own fucking interests” he yells. 


“That’s what you have to do in this line of work” Steve defends himself, and the rest of that gang. come into the light. 


From the back of the room another heavy door slams. “Nice of you to join us” Ricky shouted, and into the light came Harry and Carly. Which made me wonder where Hope had gotten to. What had Harry and Carly done to her. 


“What are we going to do about it all then, because we are making no fucking progress here” Liam snapped. 


“Nothing, your going to wait like sitting ducks, when I call on you, I need you to do what I say and start working of your debt, though I promise that will never be enough, so you could all be dead” he says. 


“You want us to work together?” Dominic asked, looking over to Zayn’s gang. 


“More like, form an alliance” he says. 


“Not going to fucking happen” Zayn snaps. 


“We aren’t helping you with anything, kill me, if it means everyone else is going to be saved, then do it, then this whole mess it over, but you should know it isn’t going to stop just because we are dead… Dominic broke into your company, he stole your money, but I don’t care anymore, I’m so fucking done with this! So shoot me, or I will fucking shoot you” Zayn yelled, and everyone was taken back, because Zayn was never defeated this easily. 


“Shoot me, is that a threat Zayn, don’t act like the hero when I know all those dirty things your have done… does your girlfriend know about them? All the things that happened when you weren’t together?” he smirked. 


“You don’t know anything about what happened to me, or the things that I did” he snapped. 


“What the fuck did you do?” Harry stepped forward, “Is this going to be another fucking reason you should of stayed away and let her marry me” he snapped and stepped towards Zayn. 


Well, I thought he loved Hope.


“Harry… back off… you know she wouldn’t of fucking married you when she was in love with me!” Zayn squared up to him. “Stop pretending like you still fucking care about her, if you cared you would of nearly beaten her to death along with that tramp over there” Zayn pointed to Carly. 


“What is all the fuss about this girl?” Ricky asked. Pulling out his gun and grabbing Zayn and throwing him to his knees, putting the gun to the back of his head. “You’d risk it all for this girl I’d take it? Life and limb?” he asked, and Zayn struggled beneath his grip. “If I kill you, ultimately, I get nothing back other than her, or she goes to Harry…then to me” he seethed in his ear.


“She wouldn’t” Niall spoke in my defence. 


“Say something Zayn… or 321 bang” he says, “You can’t save her if your dead” he shouts. I look at Zayn’s face, and as the cold metal is against the back of his head, he seemed relieved, like if that trigger was pulled it would all be over and he wouldn’t care… like he was willing to be shot in the head, but everyone had days like that. 


“3…2…” I walked in. 


“Stop” I say. 


All eyes turn to me in the room. 


“Well, I do love a good plot twist” Ricky spoke, and dropped Zayn, walking over to me. “Brook, I take it?” he asked me, and held his hand to shake mine, Zayn’s eyes boiled with anger. 


“Ricky” I say. 


“I want to make a new deal” Ricky shouts, and keeps his eyes locked on mine, and bites his bottom lips, and smirked. 


“What?” I snarl


“You can all live, owe me nothing, even have my protection… or have the complete opposite, if I don’t get you” he smirked at me. 


Zayn looked at me, knowing I had just caused another mess. 




Sorry for the wait, but can everyone comment if they want me to carry on or not, thank you! x

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