Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


2. Blame.

Brook’s Pov


We pulled ourselves together, and Zayn took me away from the devilishly charming stranger. We walked inside- I limped.


We walked back to the kitchen, and the boys took towels and cleaned themselves up. Wiping away blood. There was so much blood. Everyone rushed to aid me, but I shook my head and told them to focus on themselves, I didn’t have the luxury of being a tall male, with such strength as the boys around me. 


Zayn ignored every request of mine, and focused on me, ignoring his own wounds. 


Zayn lifted me up to the kitchen side, and got out the first aid kit. Assessing the damage done. 


“So what are you doing here? Who the fuck are you?” Liam asked, the man named James.


“I work for the FBI, and you boys and you Brook’ he spoke pointing to me with an impish grin, “Have been causing quiet the stir, drug smuggling, illegal boxing, gangs, murder, even back robbery, eh Zayn?” he smirked.


 “What is he talking about?” I frowned moving Zayn’s hand from my lips, “in fact what was everyone talking about before, Dominic even-…” he cut me of, by pressing a cloth to my lip. 


“What the fuck do you want, if your going to arrest us just do it” Zayn turned, now angry at the stranger in front of us.


“I don’t want to arrest you… we want your help” he spoke to us, “Steve is worse that you guys, and now he had the new team, and Dominic… I am sure you all know him… is on his side too, so we need our own vessels, and that is where you come in” James smirked at us.


“What’s the catch, it couldn’t be that easy” I hopped down from the side, and walked up to James.


“Smart one, aren’t you?” he teased, I rolled my eyes. “You help us, and we wipe the slate… you’ll never get taken to the jail, everything’s forgotten… you don’t… your all going to the big house, sound fair?” he smirked looking at us all, then back to me. 


“You’ll just forget all the shit we have ever done?” Louis asked with a confused look on his face, and he nodded softly.


“Every little thing” he spoke. 


“This is crazy there has to be some kind of catch or something” Zayn frowned, shaking his head. 


“I work for the government, I have to be honest” he told us. 


“We’ll do it” Liam spoke, and all eyes turned to him. “What? If we can take down Steve and Dominic, then we came all move on” he spoke. 


“Wait… we do it on one condition” Zayn spoke, stepping closer to James. “You have to leave Brook out of it” he spoke.


“Zayn” I spoke, talking the cloth from my lip. “You don’t get to make that decision for me” I say, and go to move from the side, but stop as I got dizzy, so I remain where I am. 


“After seeing that performance you gave today, your not getting involved” Zayn frowned.


“But-..” he cut me off.


“No Brook! We all agreed if things got out of hand, you would run… and now look at you! You’ve been beaten within an inch of your life, and I won’t take that risk again!” he turned to me, angry but protective. 


I finally hopped down from the side, “I won’t let you fight, for a mess I have caused, if you don’t let me help” I utter. 


“Then we don’t fight at all” Zayn growled at me.


“Or I just give them what they want right now” I challenge him.


“Oh yeah what are you going to do?” he spoke daring me on. 


“I will call Harry, and I will let him personally take me to Steve and Dominic, I will tell them to kill me, because I won’t let you fight without me, your not going to do it… it’s my fight Zayn, just think of all the times you boxed when I didn’t want you too, you’ve got to do the same for me now” I tell him. 


“This is completely different, to me boxing, this is life or death Brook” he growled. 


“Are they always like this?” I heard James low voice, as he leant against the kitchen side, and I sent him a frown. 


“Pretty much” Liam spoke up. 


I ignore them.


“It’s not different Zayn, I didn’t want you to do it, but you did, and eventually I had to let you, and now you need to let me, I am going to do it no matter what you say, so just stop” I told him, and he sighed and groaned. 


“Your becoming a real piece of work” he snaps at me.


“We’ll do it” I spoke looking and James, and he grinned clapping his hands. 


“Great” he smiled. 


“This is fucking ridiculous” Zayn growled, I turned to him and looked at him with soft eyes. 


“I am so sorry” I whispered.


“I wish I could believe that” he rolled his eyes, and walked over to the fridge pulling out a beer.


“So, What do we have to do?” Liam asked.


“I have some people that are going to be working with you, they are like you guys, they’ve did a lot of shit and we told them, we would get them out of it, if they agreed to help” James explained. 


“Basically, Dominic and Steve are now working to in drug companies, and now they know how to bring down banks, we hear that they are targeting other international corporations, and they will be doing more illegal boxing matches, and well… it’s like you said, you know they want Brook, and they won’t stop until your all done for, so it looks like you need our help just as much as we need yours.. besides this way, you don’t go to jail, and the police can take care of Dominic, Steve and Ricky” James finished. 


“What about Ricky?” I pipe up again, hearing the name. 


“You don’t need to bring him up” Zayn whispered to me.


“We already know everything about it Zayn, so there is no point in trying to keep it all secret” he spoke, “We have an inside guy” James stopped.


“Was it one of those dicks?” Louis snapped, “Yeah, Jason” he told us. 


“The dick who was fighting me?” Louis frowned.


“Sorry but we needed to make it authentic” James rolled his eyes at Louis. 


“Is Ricky working with them too?” I asked.


“No, he just has Dominic as an insider, tells Ricky what he wants to know and then leaves… The reason you had to rob Ricky’s bank Zayn, was because it was already piled high with illegal activity, it made it easier to get the money, Ricky is an international identity thief, he uses different names, different accounts, to get more and more money, now he is on your back” James looked to Zayn. 


“This is going to be a partnership” Zayn spoke with a stern voice.


“No, you need to understand you don’t have the power here, I could take every one of you down to prison now, but I won’t… because I’m a nice guy” James smirked over at me, and I looked away. 


Zayn stepped in front of me, blocking me from his view. 


“We play this my way, you do what I say, when I say it, we follow my plans, and my rules… or I will be the bad guy” he told us. 


“You can’t expect a group of criminals to play strictly by your rules” Liam threatened him. 


“No, but I do expect them to listen or they will be in jail for the rest of their lives” he smirked. 


“Your a real dick, did you know that?” Niall spoke, and he smiled warmly, sarcastically.


“Well, I am a real big fan of you too” he spoke, and nudged Niall softly. 


“So boys!… Brook? Do we have a deal?” he spoke, now serious again. 


The boys all looked to each other, and then to me, and I nod at them. 


“I don’t think we have a fucking choice” Zayn spoke, holding his hand out for James to shaky, and he did, gripping tightly. 


James then dropped Zayn’s hand, and walked around him to me. 


James, grabbed me lightly and moved me back to sit on the kitchen side, with all eyes still watching. His dark brown eyes dripped into mine. 


“Let’s get you fixed up, shall we?” he asked me, with an impish and raised his hand to wipe my lip, and I looked into his eyes again, not knowing how to judge him. 


This boy just screamed trouble, he was an angel in disguise though. Somehow he was going to save us, but I knew he would push all all further apart with the things he would say, and the things he would be willing to do.


James’s hand touched my thigh - his hand wandered my thick thigh and he looped his fingers in circles- so he could lean in closer to me.


“Just because we are helping you, doesn’t give you an access all areas to touch my fucking girlfriend” Zayn snarled, grabbing his hand that was on me moving him from, and I was torn from the momentary lapse in judgement. 


“You got yourself a feisty one, didn’t you?” James smirked at me, fixing his jacket from where Zayn had just pulled. 


I had a feeling his sarcasm wasn’t going to go down as well as he had hoped. Well, not with Zayn anyway. Or any of the other boys for the look of things.


“There has to be more to this, than you are letting on” Niall spoke up, to try and ease the tension. 


“What you mean like, something in this for me?” he asked, and Niall nodded. 


“Now that I think about it, that’s right, what do you really get out of this?” Zayn frowned, now more protective of me than ever. 


“Look, you don’t go to jail, the police get what they want… and I get to look at something very pretty” he smirked, looking over at me, and I avert my eyes again. 


“You need to watch what your saying” Zayn growled, stepping forward. 


“Take it as a compliment, your a lucky man” he said with a grin on his lips, he was irritating, yet so charming at the same time. 


“Yeah, well call me old fashioned but I really don’t like people staring at my girlfriend… especially someone like you” Zayn seethed. 


“Brook doesn't mind it, do you dear?” James spoke, and glanced back to me.


So did everyone else, “I think we should just move on” I spoke up, looking away from everyone, making no eye contact. 


“What are we going to do about Harry?” Liam stepped forward once again, and I turn to look at him with a pale face. 


“You aren’t going to do anything about it” James spoke, and I looked to him. 


“We can’t just let a friend of ours stay that way” Niall spoke, and gave me a weak smile, at least he was on my side.


“I was thinking more along the lines of beating him senseless” Liam snarled, and I knew everyone was waiting for me to say something, but what was I meant to say? 


Harry wasn’t Harry anymore, he was bad. He had let his new girlfriend beat me, and he stood there holding me so she could do so.


He officially hated me, and I would have to get use to that. But I didn’t like hearing Liam say that, a large part of me wanted to jump in and defended him, blame myself -ultimately it was my fault-  I just wanted to make everyone happy. 


I wanted Harry to come to his senses, apologise, accept me with Zayn, Liam finally get to move on with his life, maybe even with Aria, and I don’t know… I just need everything to slow, down and the world to stop spinning for a moment, and let me breath. Though everything showed little, to no sign, of slowing down. 


“What do you think we should do?” Liam looked to Zayn.


“You don’t want to know” he snarled, “And she doesn’t need to hear” he lowered his voice, referring to me.


“Can we just forget about it? He is at the bottom of the list for things to worry about now” I frowned, and walked to the fridge to pull out a drink of my own. 


“He’s the biggest fucking problem” Zayn told me, and I turned to him. 


“No, he isn’t” I spoke quietly.


“Stop defending him Brook” Zayn frowned at me, and I sighed rolling my eyes at him.


“I’m not…” I sighed.


“You are, after the things he did to you today, you still think he is a good person! You think he is going to change?” Zayn was getting mad at me again.


“No Zayn, I know that isn’t going to happen, I’m not stupid! But he was my friend, he was there when you weren’t! So don’t sit there and tell me to just be okay with you guys readying to beat him senseless, I care about him, and I’m sorry that you don’t like that, but if you hadn’t of left in the first place, then none of this would of happened!” I shout at him, and drop a glass on the floor, and the shatter echoes around the room. 


“You still want to blame me for all this?!” he yelled back.


“I never wanted to blame you Zayn” I spoke.


“No, you just want to defended Harry” he snarled, and pushed passed me to leave the room. 


Walking over the broken glass that was a lot like us, broken, and even if it got fixed, it would never be perfect again.


“Well I can tell it is going to be fun working with you guys, sunshine and roses every step of the way” James spoke, and I rolled my eyes. 


“Everything was fine, we were all fine, until Steve showed up, things were right” I spoke, and covered my face. 


“You can’t blame Zayn for this, he was keeping you safe” Liam spoke.


“Maybe I am sick of being safe, because when you guys keep me safe, you should know by now that I won’t ever be “Safe”, because dicks like Steve and Dominic, never stop, you make deals and promises with them, and they all just fall through, so stop okay? Just stop trying to save me” I tell them. 



“Zayn shouldn’t of left you, he shouldn’t of… I will always hate him for that, but he loves you Brook, and you take that for granted” Liam frowned at me, “But… he takes you for granted to… he is just as much to blame as you, or even me and the boys, but you can’t just keep defending Harry, no now especially after today” Liam sternly warned me.


“What if … What if he can change?” I asked softly.


“Do you hear your self? He at the point of no return… he let someone beat you within half an inch of your life, and I… I don’t mean to sound like Zayn, but I don’t want to see you get hurt, your like my sister Brook… and I won’t loose you either” Liam told me. 


“It’s my fault, isn't it?” I asked.


“You should of told us about Steve, you shouldn’t of started dating Harry when you knew you still loved Zayn… but Zayn shouldn’t of left you, and we shouldn’t of left you get involved with Steve in the first place, we are all to blame” Niall stepped in.


“I am so sorry” I whispered.


“I should go and talk to Zayn” I told the boys, and they nodded. 


“Today wasn’t a total failure, Brook” Louis whispered from the back of the room.


“Wasn’t it?” I asked him, and he smiled at me. 


“No, you wanted us all to become friends again, and we are… we may of got a few battle wounds but it made us a team again” he smiled.


“I swear you guys think your in one of those romance novels, or something like that” James spoke, rolling his eyes.


“Romance?” I turned to him.


“Wrong genre, sweetie” I snap at the boy, that was now getting more and more irritating by the second. 


The boys snickered at him, “Keep that attitude, and I am sure Zayn is going to want to make up” Liam smirked at me, and I laughed for what felt like the first time in ages. 


“I hope so” I smiled lightly, not wanting to confront Zayn at the risk of an argument but knowing I couldn’t leave things this way. 



Harry’s Pov


We all got back to Steve’s place, and he handed everyone a whisky, and a first aid kit. “You okay, Darlin?” I heard Carly speak, and she had one hand on the back of my head. 


No. I wasn’t okay. I had just ruined everything. I know I belong here now, I knew I made the right choice, because when it came down to it, I allowed myself to hurt Brook, and that was something that now as I thought about it made me feel so sick. 


I held her and felt her go limp in my arms, as the girl sat beside me threw punch after punch, and kick after kick. 


Her blood was on my shirt, it was patched, and that made me feel worse.


I let my friends all fight, knowing the wouldn’t win. 


I let my own selfish emotions, ruin what Brook had built, at least she was happy, maybe I wasn’t, but she was. Was. She isn’t anymore. 


“Harry” I heard, and I looked to Carly. 


She seemed so wonderful at the start, but now she was just a mop of thick dark locks, with a pretty face, she had far to man men ink there own story into her skin, I suppose she was a lot like Brook. But Brook was more broken, but was stronger, though it didn’t seem that way, Brook’s mind worked wonders as Carly’s mind worked, half-miracles. 


“What?” I asked her.


“I said are you okay?” she asked me, and I give he a weak smile and nod.


“Tougher than you thought it would be, huh?” she asked me, and I nod again. 


“I can’t believe I let you hurt her, like that” I sighed.


“You did good, kid” I heard, and looked up to see Steve stood beside me, “Your going to go far, if you do it like that every time” he smirked down at me. 


Would I be able to do it like that every time. 


I stood up, and took a deep breath. 


“Where are you going?” I heard Dominic’s booming voice.


“I need to clear my head, it isn’t every day with help beat your ex-fiance to a pulp and then loose everyone who ever cared about you” I turn to him.


“You’ll get use to it, in this life, you have to be alone… no one can hurt you that way, besides you can only trust the people in this room now” he told me, and raised a glass, and I looked to the floor. 


“Even your friends are your enemies” I utter, Dominic? The people that love you, want to find something to hold onto, and when they can’t find it, what happens then?” I looked up at Dominic.


“Then nothing, you’ve lost them” Dominic spoke.


“Maybe I am better alone anyway” I spoke.


“Your not alone, don’t listen to him, you have us” Carly stood up, with those pursed red lips.


 “Sorry Darlin, I want to be alone right now” I seethe at her, and leave there room, grabbing my coat and stepping outside. 


Dominic was right. I could only trust them. I liked it that way, sure, I had helped hurt Brook, and I would always blame myself and I hated that, but at least now she knew at least half the pain of what I felt the day, she didn’t say “I do”.




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