Dark III || Z.M

Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get their forever? Or will they never get there infinity.
“Don't regret me” he replied. “Can I leave now?” she smirked softly as he still held her hand and she looked to it, and so did he, they smiled at their intertwined fingers. “You mean can I let you go?” Zayn asked, she nodded, and he shook his head pressing his forehead against hers, “No” he smirked.


14. Angel.

Brook’s Pov - Two weeks Later.


“Here, let me-…” 


“I got it Zayn” I snapped, rolling my eyes, as I battled through the space in my metal chair.


“I’m only trying to help” he spoke, and walked out of the room, offended by my tone.


“You should try and sound a bit more grateful, Brook” Liam stood up, moving around me.


“I’m sorry… it’s just hard not being able to do anything for myself” I say, and sighed, running my fingers through my hair.


“You heard the doctors your going to be up and running within three months, so just take it easy” he spoke. 


“And sit around why you lot fight my battles for me again” I snap, and he raised his eyebrows, “Sorry” I sighed.


“It’s okay, I am used to it” he smiled.


“So where’s Louis?” I asked him, “Still in the garden?”.


“Yeah, he has barley wanted to be inside, since the whole incident” he spoke.


“Are you ever going to tell us what happened?” I sigh.


“It’s his job, not mine” he spoke.


“Liam, you know he won’t tell us” I frowned at him.


“Brook, you wouldn’t like it if I went around telling everyone your secrets would you, let alone ours?”  he raised his eyebrows.


I had repressed that memory, and it was pretty low of him to bring that up. “You said we wouldn’t talk about us in that way again, what’s dead, stays dead” I widen my eyes at him.


“I won’t say anything Brook, you know I won’t… but its the same thing for him, if I told everyone he wouldn’t trust me, he will tell you, but give him time” he spoke.


“Good, and fine” I spoke.


“I still remember that night pretty clearly though” he smirked leaning against the side board, as I went to wheel out of the room, and I sighed stopping. “Don’t you?” he asked me.


“Liam, don’t bring this up now, Zayn is just upstairs” I snap.


“Don’t you ever think about it?” he asked me, and I looked down ashamed of myself. “You do” he smirked.


“Look, Liam, we don’t need this now, don’t go dragging up the past it isn’t worth it” I say.


“You wouldn’t risk it again, for what happened between us?” he asked me.


“No, Liam. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t risk everyone I who care about’s life, for a night of fun with you” I say.


“What thats all it was to you?” he asked me, “A night of fun” he raised his eyebrows.


“Liam, I didn’t mean it like that” I frown.


“It’s fine, Brook. I wasn’t expecting you to say you would anyway, and I certainly wasn’t giving you the offer” he spoke, and walked out of the room in annoyance which he claimed not to have.


The day went on. 


Liam had left, Louis had not come inside, Niall was with Hope, looking after her, trying to mend her broken heart, he had explained what had happened, how I was forced to kill, and remarkably that fallen angel forgave me. 


As for Zayn, he sat upstairs, for most of the day. I was unable to reach him, in quiet a literal sense of the word. 


So I sat in the living room, and waiting in silence listening for the clock to tell me when it was five o’clock, Zayn would be down at five everyday to get my medicine. 


I had five minutes of thinking time.


I hated being left alone with my thoughts, it made me think harder about the choices I had made, and made me regret them more. 


I looked down to my hands, I swear I still felt the blood on my hands, as it dripped to my legs, and the coldness of the air. I felt it all. I would close my eyes for a second and the flash backs would return. 


Then I see Harry, and stop.


“What are you doing here?” I asked him, the blood leaving me.


“Zayn invited me over” he spoke.


“Why would he do that?” 


“We settled our difference, for a common trait” he spoke.


“Am I the common trait?” I ask, and he nods.


“Can I sit?”, and now I nod.


“Your still in that chair, huh?” he smiles.


“It is so obvious?” I snap at him, and he smiled at my bitterness, the only person today, to do so. “So whats the deal, Harry?” I say.


“What do you mean?”


“Are you our inside man, or theirs, which one of us are you fooling?” I ask, bitter about the way things turned out.


“Yours” he spoke.


“You sure?” and he nods.


“I like it here, you’ve done it up nicely. I could tell you did the hal—…” I stop him


“Harry, don’t pity me, and try and make small talk… if this is about Hope, and how I know everything, we’ve talked about it, and we are okay, I just don’t know who to trust… so don’t take it personally, okay?… Don’t think I am targeting all this hatred onto you” I spoke.


“I don’t”


“Good. The last thing I want is for you to hate me” I say.


“I know you don’t” 


“Brook, here is your medicine” I heard, “Oh, Harry, when did you get here?” Zayn asked, as he stepped into the room.


“About five minutes ago” he spoke.


“You should of come straight up” Zayn spoke, handing me the bottle, and looking at me with troubled eyes.


“Zayn?” I asked, and he swiftly turned from me. 


“Do you want a beer, Harry?” he asked, quickly changing the subject and walking briskly out of the room so I could not go after him.


“Erm… Sure” Harry said uneasily, and followed Zayn.


I there the bottle of pills to the floor, and reached for the crutches I had been given by the hospital to use for my therapy, but that wasn’t until Friday. 


Everyone could walk away from me when I sat down, but not if I stood up. I grabbed them and heaved myself up, and it ached, and I yelp out in pain, but keep it quiet enough.


I struggle forward, having half of the feeling, half of the pain. I reach the hallway, and I am out of breath, my back aches, but I must keep going, Zayn’s eyes were never that misty, and I knew I must do something about it. 


I reached the kitchen, “Zayn…” I say out of the breath, feeling myself shake with pain.


“For god sake Brook, are you trying to kill yourself” Zayn rushed over, knocking his beer onto the floor.


He put his large arm under me, and Harry pulled a chair for me to sit on out.


“The doctors fucking said don’t strain yourself” he frowned at me, and crouched in front of me, touching my cheek, and looking over my body for more injuries I may have caused myself.


“I had to talk to you, and your so stubborn” I chuckle lightly, and he shook his head fighting of a smirk that he didn’t want to show me.


The front door opens, and Liam comes into the room. Sweating in a tank top and shorts, and I gulped looking at his arms and how tense they are. “What the fuck did I miss?” Liam asked out of breath, he had been the gym.


“Someone wouldn’t behave on their own” Zayn finally smirked at me, and I smile back softly.


“Brook you idiot” Liam spoke, walking passed me and kissing my on the forehead, and Zayn didn’t mind, for as far as he was concerned Liam had never been with me.


‘Harry” I spoke, and Zayn stood up. “Would you go and talk to Louis, something tells me he might actually listen to you, and tell him to come inside, because we are all going to drink until we can’t see, and laugh until we cry about the world we have ruined” I spoke, and he smiled at me and nodded, and walked outside.


“Zayn, can you go and pick up Niall, and make sure he brings Hope along, maybe if Harry sees Hope, with me there then he will see how much better she is” - or how much he can’t live with out you, my mind added, but I shook it off.


“Sure” he smiled and kissed me delicately. 


“Liam, go and clean yourself up” I say, and he smiled at me. 


“Who put you in charge?” he smirked.


“I did, now go, but help me upstairs first okay?” I ask.


Everyone did what I had asked. We were going to make it like old times, with a new friend, and make her part of our slightly dysfunctional family. 


As Liam sat me down on the bed from my chair, he handed me my clothes, “Would you like me to run you a bath?” he asked, and I nodded a soft yes, and he turned to leave.


Maybe it was the drugs I had not taken, but something compelled me to say, “But I can’t do it on my own”. 


“I’m happy to help” he spoke. 


He ran the bath, and with my silk red robe around me, and his tight arm, he cradled me to the bathroom, and we took my clothes in laying them on the floor. 


I gulped, as we stood in the low light of the bathroom.


“Where do we begin?” he asked me, and it reminded me of the other night with Zayn in the bathroom, and how romantic he had tried to be, and how sweet I had found him. So I wandered what had caused this reckless behaviour of mine, the danger of Liam.


I pulled on the silk tie that hung around my waist, and his fell open with ease. “Pull it off” I whispered, and he let me lean against the side, as his two large hands ran over my shoulders, to reveal my pale skin, which he seemed to adore. 


“Do I need to lift you in?” he hummed lowly from behind me, his voice vibrating on my neck.




He leant down ,brushing his hand along my waist, as he lifted me with ease into the warm water filled with suds, and I looked to him as I sat down in it softly. 


“Is that all I am required for?” he asked me, as the ends of my hair dipped into the water.


“I wouldn’t mind it if you stayed” I said not thinking about the words, looking nowhere but in Liam’s eyes, that enticed me.


He took a sponge filled with water, and placed it on my shoulder, squeezing it so the water covered me, repeating the action two or three times.


I washed my hair, and I saw him look at me, with such confusion, and admiration. “I do wish you wouldn’t be so quiet, I don’t like not knowing what your thinking” I spoke.


“I’m thinking… your absolutely beautiful” 


I blush a crimson and turn my face, but he soon moved to the edge of the bathtub, and makes me turn to face him, “Never hide from me, you don’t have to blush or be embarrassed” he whispered, taking his finger, running it down my jaw line. 


“Don’t you ever wonder what may of happened, if I had been dead a month or two more?” I asked him.


“I wonder that every time Zayn makes you cry, or Harry made you weep, or anyone ever hurt you… because you know throughout this… Brook, when have I ever made you cry an unreasonable tear?” he asked me.




“That’s right… never” he says.


He clutched my face, and reached my hand from the warm water, to touch his cheek. “What do you want from me, Liam?” I asked, “Sex, Revenge… tell me, because I can’t think of another reason that you are this close to me” I say in a hushed voice.


“What do I want?” he asked, and I hummed a sweet yes. “I want you to tell me you love me, even though I know it will never be true” he says. 


“Who said it won’t be?” I asked.


“Your eyes, the way you look him, the way you look at them both, the way you will never look at me” he sighed.


Though we had gone to kiss, and loose even more space, it seemed to pain him to look at me, and to open his heart out to me, so he took it back buried it in a cage 6ft under. 


“Are you ready to get out?” he stood up, taking my hands from his face, and loosing his grip on me.


“I am” I say, and though he looks at me naked before him, he still seems pained, though before he adored my body and my voice, now it seemed to make he weep. 


I sit down on my bed, as he helps me dress, and barley looks me in the eyes again. I finish dressing myself. “Are you okay?” he asked me, and I nod.


“Are you?” I asked him. 


He sat beside me. “The you I sat and watched before, the you who smiled in her own company, who didn’t care to be watched, but blushed and turned from me, is the you that I remember, and when this world had beaten you down, and taken everything from you, and took everything you ever gave, that is the you I will still remember, the you that made me smile just by breathing” he paused and touched my cheek, “the you, that could break my heart just by looking away from, the you I would give up my forever, just so you could have a tomorrow, that is the you I love Brook, but it’s also the you, you have forget… you left yourself in that old apartment, we spent our nights in, and I want a promise, or a deal, anything right now” he says.


“What might that deal be?” 


“If at any point, you want to find yourself again, you won’t let Harry take you away again, or you won’t turn to Zayn, you turn to me, and we go back to that apartment, and we find you. You travelled the world with Harry, and didn’t find yourself, but I promise, one night with me, in that apartment, you’ll remember exactly who you were before you became a home for a lost soul” he spoke, and dropped his hand.


“I could be willing to take that deal” I spoke. 


“The next time I kiss you, you will be Brook Green” he says.


“We are home!” I heard Niall’s loud voice, and me and Liam jerk away from each other.


“That’s our queue” he spoke, and I nodded.


“Want to give me a hand?” I smirk softly at him, and he smiled a wonderful smile.


“I would love to” he smiled at me. 




“Oh can we just forget about that please!” I laughed loudly as we talked about old memories, and Zayn slung his arm around my shoulder, but the guilt was being masked with whiskey.


“You aren’t ever going to live that one down” Niall spoke, and I rolled my eyes laughing. 


“What about you Hope, got any stories that could embarrass Harry?” I smiled at her, and she looked to him, and Harry gave her a smile that was forced, and I knew it was, she didn’t have to know that though.


“No, not that I can think of” she tried to smile too.


“I can think of a few of you, Brook” Harry spoke, and I smiled but held back frown as I wanted him to talk about her, and tell her that she did funny things that he noticed. 


“Like what, huh?” I smirk softly, hoping to still keep the mood light and upbeat.


“When we went to Cali and we were on route 66, someone thought it would be a good idea to pull over and ask for directions, didn’t they Brook?” Harry raised his eyebrows.


“You’ve gone for that story?” I chuckle.


“It happens to be one of my favourites, a man told you he would park the car up for you, so you gave him the keys, and he drove away with the car… we had to walk for about nine hours straight!” he spoke.


“You weren’t laughing about it when it happened” I say.


“It really was not funny at the time” he spoke. 


The alcohol flowed more freely, and everyone got very personal about their own lives, and emotions came out, but Liam stayed sober in the corner, watching me, to make sure I was fine. 


By 2am, Zayn was vomitting upstairs, Harry had taken Hope to bed, and Niall had joined them, Louis had taken residence in my bed, and Liam was still watching me. 


“Aren’t you going to go and make use of another room?” he asked me, and I shook my head smiling.


“I can’t, my legs barely work when I am sober” I tell him, and he smirked at me. “Liam?” I ask, and he cocked his head as an answer, “May I sleep in your room tonight, Zayn’s been sick, and Louis is with him, I’d be totally third wheeling” I smirk, and he nodded. 


“I will take you bed angel” he told me.


“Angel?” I smile, sitting up straight as he helps me up, “That’s a new one” I tell him. 


“Yeah, for you perhaps” he spoke.


“What’s that suppose to mean” I smile at him.


“I’ve been calling it you, since the moment we met, never to your face, and never to anyone else, and it is going to stay that way, because you probably won’t remember this in the morning” he spoke, and I shake my head, sobering up at the thought of Liam.


I stand before him leaning on him. 


“Will you remember everything?” I asked him, and he nodded slowly. “Good” I say, and pull him down as I can’t reach up, and kiss him on the lips, but he pulls back. 


“Do you not remember when I said I would next kiss you?” he asked me, and brushed a strand of hair from my face.


“Are you mad?” I whispered.


“How could I be, because you only had to be with me for an hour earlier and you’ve already found yourself” he cupped my face.


“Maybe, I didn’t loose myself, maybe you were just keeping hold of me” I spoke, and he laughed at me.


“Yeah, maybe I was” he spoke.


We went and sat in his room, under the covers, his words sobering me up. We must of sat for a happy few hours together. He did not once make me feel uncomfortable, or un happy. He did one thing and that was make me feel warm, like the sun came from him. He touched my soul with his words, and with his eyes. We sat opposite ends of the bed, and though bodies surrounded us in other rooms, i felt closer to him than the person who should be sat right up against me. 


I sit here wondering how he managed to do that. 




I had exreme liam feels, and plus I always love a bit of #BRIAM <3 Hope you enjoyed, but again if you didn't like bROOK WITH SOMEONE ELSE. I urge you to remember its a Zayn malik fic. LYSM. COMMENT PLEASE.

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