Ugh, High School.

Marlie is a normal, 13 year old girl. Shes smart, funny, and can be a little crazy at times. She's not the bravest, yet she gets by. Starting high school is a big challenge for someone like her. Will she cope?


1. Noodle Nerves

Chapter 1: Noodle Nerves

Marlie awoke to a bang at her door, and the birds all flew off the tree outside her window.

"Marlie! Hurry up, high school is waiting for you!" Her mother shouted through the door. Marlie was usually a morning person, but last night she was so nervous, that she hadn't slept a wink till about 3 am. It was 7 am now. She'd only gotten four hours of sleep. She was mumbling (and groaning) at her mum, almost like a zombie with a taste for brains, yet the growl of her stomach was loud, it sounded like a lion's roar (or the sound of her dog, when you tried to take its food).

'Ugh. Today is the day. I really should have slept last night. I am SO not ready for this.' She trudged out of bed and walked over to her dresser. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a small cat, rubbing against her window, it stared at her, almost to say, Hey! Let me in! Cant you see i'm struggling here? Marlie decided to ignore it and carried on doing her hair. After a while, the cat gave up and jumped into the tree. Branch after branch, it gracefully leaped across them. Soon enough, it was at the bottom of the tree, safely on the ground below, two storeys below her bedroom. 'Hmm. That cat was so high up. I didnt know they could jump across branches like that, either.' 

She glanced at her clock. It read 7:50 am. She was late. She had spent so much time doing her hair, and watching that cat (and occasionally using the hairbrush as a microphone), that she had forgotten all about the time. She leaped across her room, like an athlete training for the olympics, and when she finally got to her cupboard, she grabbed her uniform and changed at the speed of light. By the time she was ready for school, it was only 8:10. "Phew" She was proud of herself. This was a personal record, on her standards.


She arrived at school without a moment to spare. As it was only 8:20, most of the students at school were only there for extra-curricular activities, like competitive sports, or dance groups. Of course, Marlie was too shy to even try-out for any of these types of things. Her parents both work, so Marlie has to be sent to school earlier than everyone else. The only other person that was at school as early as her, was her friend Bailey.

"Hey Bailz, whatcha doin'?" Bailey giggled. She loved it when Marlie called her 'Bailz' It reminded her of when they were friends in kindergarten, when they'd sing songs and dance around in a circle like any other normal toddler, but a 13 year old doing that? No, its a sight too horrible to see, (or unsee, for that matter.)

"Hey Marl, looking forward to today? I know I am."

"Ugh, i'm not. I couldnt sleep AT ALL last night.. I was so nervous about today."

"Why? There's nothing to be nervous about. My sister said the teachers are great, and the students are pretty fun and supportive, too."

"Yeah, I know.. But im not nervous about that. Your sister is so friendly, and shes really supportive of everyone, and everyone gets along with her. It's the same for you. But me? I'm just one of those people. Im different. The only thing I have in common with people, is that I have emotions and such. I mean, I wish there was someone out there, just like me. But obviously, there isn't. You're a good friend and all, actually, you're an awesome friend, the best i've ever had. But I just wish that there was someone just like me." Bailey nodded. She understood. After all, she was a foster child. She'd grown up moving from house to house, meeting new people. She'd learnt to get along with people. Marlie hadn't.

Marlie's father was in the war, so she hadn't seen him in a few years. Her mum was the only person that she really got along with, (other than Bailey). Her sisters just didnt get her. They thought she was emotionless, unable to feel.

Marlie was worried. Worried that no one would like her, that she wouldnt fit in. Again.

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