We never really did hear about the Amity initiation but I thought it would be cool to try and write it.
When 16 year old Danielle gets the result of Candor, she's not swayed in her decision to choose Amity. But during initiation she finds it difficult as she knows when someone is lying to her. . . and confrontations cause conflict.
Will she survive in Amity or end up factionless?


5. Tyler

Switches betweens factions are fairly common sometimes, but big major leaps are extremely uncommon, almost impossible unless one of your ancestors was from that faction. No one knows who their ancestors are though so therefore we normally just go where ever.

All in all we have thirty three initiates. Most of us wear the the Amity clothing; something with bright colours and something brown. our hair is normally worn in a braid or free.

There's a few girls from Abnegation that smile at everyone, and a boy in their uniform standing next to them, already embracing the way of the Amity.

"It's so fabulous!" He exclaims happily, "I mean, I know that we haven't even seen it all yet. Seen anything really but I can't wait and I already know that I'm going to find it fabulous and perfect and amazing and cute and fun and happy and friendly and cheerful and original and-"

"Oh shut up will you?" There's someone standing next to me that I didn't notice before. That was a bit careless of me. As I study him, I'm surprised that I DIDN'T notice him before. He's a tall boy, with flippy light brown hair and bright green eyes. He wears the colours of Dauntless but his honesty seems more Candor.

I smile, "bubbliness and talkativeness is what we do here. Hello by the way, my name is Danielle Jackson." I hold out my hand, a little unsure of what to do to someone who potentially came from the most brutal of all the factions.

He turns on me and looks like he's going to start yelling. I prepare myself inside but his eyes jsut widen slightly and he blinks rapidly. I feel my heart beating quickly and cover it up by saying, "what faction did you come from?"

His eyebrows lift and then knit themselves into a scowl, "Daunless. My name's Tyler. Tyler Lee Jackson."


The Abnegation smile politely at everyone, the lone Erudite appraises everything with hsi eyebrows raised slightly and the Candor boys and girl laugh amongst themselves. I can hear their conversation. They're wondering where we're going and why a Dauntless is with us. Shouldn't their kind be underground?

Tyler's jaw clenches and he forces a smile, "is initiating always this pleasent? I was told it was going to be a lot better than this. My aptitude tester, an Abnegation woman, told me that Amity was for the friendly but maybe I'm not going to like it here very much. Maybe I'll just drop out and become factionless."

"It's not so bad really," I say, "I got the result of Candor and I didn't switch. They're just naturally more honest and tend to not think before they talk. You'll get used to your new faction and so will they eventually. All their snark will disappear and the Amity bubbliness will take over."

"The Erudite looks lonely," Tyler points out, "will he fit in? Or is there kind not allowed here either because of their brain power?"

Amity and Eruite have a fairly good relationship. That's why it's rather odd that there's only one of them this year. Normally there's at least five or six. "No there's normally a lot more. Maybe they all went back to their own factions this year or switched to Candor or Dauntless."

"Not Abnegation?" Tyler asks with a smirk.

My heart flutters, "the Erudite don'ty do that. And when they do, they're never forgiven and always end up factionless."

Just then, we're called to attention.

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