We never really did hear about the Amity initiation but I thought it would be cool to try and write it.
When 16 year old Danielle gets the result of Candor, she's not swayed in her decision to choose Amity. But during initiation she finds it difficult as she knows when someone is lying to her. . . and confrontations cause conflict.
Will she survive in Amity or end up factionless?


3. Thoughts about each faction

Most people in Amity get Amity results, or sometimes Abenegation as they're almost linked in a way. Not very closely, but when you're constantly trying to keep everyone around you happy and be happy yourself, well then yes, the selflessness does rub off a bit. So my getting the result of Candor was odd. Not overly odd because I have always been a little bit weird myself and I've always found that honestly is important, but odd all the same. The most unusual result for someone from my faction would be Dauntless. That is because we, the Amity, are the peace faction and Dauntless are the risktakers and the brave ones. However Candor have a major problem with the Amity because of our friendliness so I know that even thougb my test suggested it, I could never be part of the Candor crowd.

As I walk home that day I'm feeling confused but steady at the same time. I know that tomorrow I will definitely choose Amity but the thoughts about Candor linger in my mind. I could never be one of them. From what I've heard about their initiation, it isn't overly pleasent. Apparently every day they have lie detector tests and then on the last day you have to spill all your deepest, darkest secrets in front of everyone in the faction. There's too much in my mind that i want to keep to myself so no, Candor is ruled out for me.

Amity seems like my safe haven for the moment. I know it, and it's really not that hard to fit into the peaceful and friendly ways. We get strange looks sometimes but overall we have a fairly good relationship will all the other factions, except for Dauntless and Candor. We do farming and have our own special ways of dealing with troublemakers.

Erudite is another thing alltogether. I've always liked and respected them. Those who pursue knowledge and help our world should be respected because without them, where would be be in terms of technological advancement? But despite that, joining them has never been a real option for me. I'm not smart enough, and sometimes, just sometimes, I think they're extremely arrogant and pursue knowledge for all the wrong reasons.

Dauntless is a definite no. With their scary lifestyles and extremely weird looks, I don't overly like them. They seem very cruel, like they don't respect anyone, and I've heard that in their version of initiation they have to beat each other up and face their worst fears. That doesn't sound like the kind of life for me.

Finally, Abnegation. I actually have considered Abnegation a few times. I can't see myself living the perfect lifestyle they do; giving to everyone, ignoring themselves and projecting always outwards. No. As beautiful as it all looks, I just can't do it.

So I guess tomorrow when 'Danielle Gregory' is called out, and I take the knife from the Erudite woman, my blood will splatter on the earth that marks my future.

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