We never really did hear about the Amity initiation but I thought it would be cool to try and write it.
When 16 year old Danielle gets the result of Candor, she's not swayed in her decision to choose Amity. But during initiation she finds it difficult as she knows when someone is lying to her. . . and confrontations cause conflict.
Will she survive in Amity or end up factionless?


4. The Choosing

Amity norms are peaceful and friendly. We aren't allowed to use negative words, and more often than not our nervousness about particular days radiates off us as energy.

I sit down in the plain classroom and listen to Jeanine Matthews talk about the importance of each faction and the value of our choices. She says that nothing compares to the freedom but we must also take it as a beautiful thing; we only get to choose once and once we have, we cannot choose again.

The Erudite sit in the front row listening attentively, same as the Abnegation. The only differnce is that Erudite do it because they're in constant pursuit of knowledge, but the Abnegation don't think of themselves so therefore pay attention to their surroundings.

I train my eyes on the wall. In exactly one hour I will cut into my palm and sprinkle my blood onto the earth that marks Amity. Because really, was there ever any other choice apart from that?

"Candor," my mind reminds me annoyingly, and I tell it to shut up. Candor has never been an option for me and my choice today will prove that.


We stand in alphabetical order. I'm standing next to an Abengation girl and a Dauntless boy who rolls his eyes at me, "I've always viewed your faction as stupid and bubbly."

I want to tell him that I don't think that Dauntless is the best example of a good faction but I can't as it would be rude, and I am not rude. Instead I smile at him and unleash some of my energy/nerves.

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way. I actually like your faction," I cringle inside, "and have always found it simply fascinating. Maybe I'll choose that today and become big and strong and brave like the rest of you. Maybe I could even enjoy it there."

He just breeathes out loudly and turns away from me.

I smile, mission accomplished.


"Hello everyone and welcome to this years choosing ceremony. Every year we gather here to let our new adults choose their way in the world. We have five ways in which we can al live; selfless like the Abnegation, brave like the Dauntless, honest like the Candor, be brainy like the Erudite or live in pursuit of happiness and be friendly like the Amity. These choices are of cruicial importance because you cannot go back on them. This is how we have survived in tghe past and this is how we will survive in the future."

The Dauntless boy next to me smiles in a sadistic manner. He obviously knows where he belongs and can't wait to start beating people up and making them all bloody and bruised.

"Christopher Zygett."

A tall and wiry Candor boy walks forward confidently and then takes the knife from the leader of this years ceremony. He shakily cuts into his palm and holds his hand over the Candor glass bowl. Of course. Although if he transferred to Dauntless I would not have been at all surprised.

The ceremony is moving along at a leisurely rate and I'm quite calm as I hear my name, Danielle Jackson, being called out.

Because I know what I'm going to choose, I have no difficulty whatsoever in cutting into the soft flesh of my palm and sprinkling my blood over the earth. I'm now officially an Amity initiate.

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