Your Life, My Life Together

Isabella Swan was pregnant at 17 years old she got bullied in high school and she was the town that talk about her around whisper ugly stuff but then she move in with her big brother Emmett and his family then some time pass and Bella is looking for a job but she can't fine one and she meet Edward Cullen went she had to bring lunch to her brother one day and she bump to him and then he fine out that she need a job. So he give her a job of kind of a Nanny to take care of his 7 children he has but one thing that Isabella didn't know was that they didn't like her. But maybe by time goes they maybe change what they feel about her or maybe they will still hate her?


2. The Start

In the Airport: New York

Here am waiting for my brother Emmett Sawn , he better not be late to pick me up like the last time , he was late and Rose almost killed him because it was already 3 hours late and he came home with out me and my son and Rose ask him where was I and he only say back to her "who" and at the moment he learn his lessen to never forget his little sister in a airport with his nephew.

Well now am bored .

"Hey Baby do you want to eat something or you want to wait for uncle Emmett"

"Nan I don't want to eat nothing am fine eating a chocolate right now and we should wait for uncle Emmett to pick us up" he say smiling at me with those blue/green ayes at me and at the same time eating his chocolate board that he pack in his bag say to me ' you never know if they don't have chocolate I should have some if the don't mom', his just like Emmett went he was little I still remember my big brother always having a bag of his everywhere he go he had it full of chunk food in there.

"Well so let's start walking to the exit intreats to wait for uncle Emmett then"

We started walking to the exit but then someone bump to me that make me drop my bag that I had and some of my stuff were around the floor spread everywhere.

"Oh gush , am sorry I was really not watching where I was going," I start said to the stranger that now was helping me pick up my stuff on the floor. Now am sure am red like a tomato now I always embarrass my self if it's not tripping or I hurt some else.

Then I saw that the stranger standing up with my stuff in his hand and giving it to me.

Then at the moment I saw him , I though I was going to feel in my ass in front of him because he was a beautiful men that I have see. He was dress in his business tuxedo, mhmm let me tell you that he looks really well on them. Then he speak to me and he has a lovely voice.

"Is fine , you don't have to be sorry is my fault too I was not look where I was going" he say with a smile on my way and I almost faint that moment. I was going to say something back to the hot stranger that I bump to, but someone was calling my name actually is was mustily like screaming my name.

That moment I turn around and saw my big brother coming my way scream "little sis bell where you at" and "you better come out or my fucking wife will killed me" how will you feel see your screaming that In front of a bunch of stranger people you don't know. I was so embarrass right now.

"There you are, little sis i almost though you got lost in a moment" he say with a teasing smile to me.

"Ha ha really funny Emmett , you know that last time I got lost I was only 6 years old and that was in the mall"

"Ha Ha , I sure remember that day , dad got crazy looking for you and he almost call a search police for help looking for you, good time back then you sure will have give dad a heart attack in his 20 something years old" he started laughing loud that people passing bay will look at us crazy.

"Yea yea I do remember that day and you know it was your foul that I got lost" I said to him with a glared his way that make him laugh again.

"Well ..'laughter through speaking' I didn't know ... That you will ... Get missing... Only for .. Going to ... The restroom..."

"Well I was 6 years old stupid who's in their head will let a 6year old go to the restroom by them self, let me think who will be you jerk" I say to him back and then I remember that I forgot a about the hot guy I bump to. So then I turn around to see if he was still there but he was not there anymore,

Mmm to bad I really like him .. What you say Isabella Swan you event know the poor guy and you just think you like him only because he was a hot pice of guy... With those red lips of his I will sure kiss them STOP IT not more thinking about him.

"Hey bells let's go home Rose is waiting with diner ready with the boys and she for sure will not like us being late this time"

"Uh oh she cook today well that's strange she never cooks and you know she's not good at cook food Emmett" I start laugh because the last time I let Rose cook something in my kitchen she almost burn my poor apartment back then.

"Well the true is that she's being going to some cooking class and well a list is helping her a little bit but I sure miss your cooking sis and don't tell Rose I told you that because I sure she will killed me for saying that "

"Don't worry Emmett I won't say nothing to Rose that you love my cooking then hers "

"Alright then , let's go home then sis " he say to me now in the driving sit now starting the truck to go. "So... How things with mom"

"You know the same , she still gets embarrass about my mistake of getting pregnant to young because her friends stop talk to her and that's why I came to live with you for some few days because I just got tired of how she treat me and my son" I said that last thing angry because my mom change a lot went I got pregnant.

Emmett saw my face and said to me , " yea , I know how mom will scream at you for little things or she will tell that you were eating to much but still she shouldn't treat you like that because We sure know that she was too a teenager mother, Ugh it just angry me more how she was with you and that's why I move out the house and we went to live with dad , a list dad took the news nice" he say laugh remember the time we told my dad but still he looks mad about our mother.

"Yea I do remember how he though that you where going to be a father only because you say "hey dad your going to be a grandpa on few months" then he hug you and ask you who was the lucky girl and you were shock and you blurred out my name and he look at us both and started laugh that it was wrong but then I start cry all because of the emotion mix of being pregnant and then you told him that I was pregnant and that I didn't know who was the father..." I start remember that moment and I didn't finish because Emmett start saying.

"Then next thing you know his crying and hugging you say"uh baby girl everything is going to be alright am here, daddy is here nothing bad is going to happen to you baby girl " and what can I say it was the first time I saw dad cry because we always see him being the chef police mood you know what I mean about that" he start laughing and I couldn't resist not laughing ether and then he hold my hand and the next thing surprise me and almost make me cry ," you know what little sis , I am really proud of who you are today because being a teenager mom it was really hard for you but you still finish your study and you still finish collage , so am so proud of you and that I love you lots "

"Ha ha , I love you lots too Emmett" he drop his hold of my hand and had a smile in his face still driving.

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