Your Life, My Life Together

Isabella Swan was pregnant at 17 years old she got bullied in high school and she was the town that talk about her around whisper ugly stuff but then she move in with her big brother Emmett and his family then some time pass and Bella is looking for a job but she can't fine one and she meet Edward Cullen went she had to bring lunch to her brother one day and she bump to him and then he fine out that she need a job. So he give her a job of kind of a Nanny to take care of his 7 children he has but one thing that Isabella didn't know was that they didn't like her. But maybe by time goes they maybe change what they feel about her or maybe they will still hate her?


3. Long time I haven't see you

At the house

"Are you sure this is your house Emmett" I said looking at the house that does not look like a house it look more like kind of a rich house that famous people live at.

"Yup , this it my home little sis, what you think of it" he said stopping the car in front of the house door and then he smile at me with those blue eyes at me excited for my answer.

"Wow are you kidding Emmett this house looks great" I start to say went I got out of the car then I turn around to see my son walking to the entries to the house with his back in one hand and the other one eating another chocolate. I swear sometimes my son just like my brother this days.

"Where you think you going Erick Charles Swan" I started say to my son that now looks at me.

"Well I was going to get inside the house and well I already have my stuff mom and you and uncle Emmett were busy talking to each other so I though I should go a hide if is okay with you" he said to me giving me his poppy eyes that he sure knows that giving me those poppy eyes I can't say no to him.

"Okay fine if you see your aunt Rose tell her we already here okay"I said to him at the same time getting my bag but my brother bitt me first by getting it already.

"Sure mom"

"You know I can do it Emmett"

"Well yea I know but dad though me to be gentlemen to woman and if he founds out that I didn't help you with your bag he sure going to killed me" he start laugh and at same time walking to the door of the house now he has it open to me to get inside.

"BABY I AM HOME" he scream next to me that make me jump.

"Emmett you don't have to scream"

"What i always say this when I am home get used to it little sis"

Then I turn around to get I better look at the house there in the hallway that we where passing by I saw picture of Rose and Emmett and the kids then if saw the live room with a big tv and video games and movies in one side and then I saw more picture of me and Emmett went we were little kids . Then went I had Erick and then the one that I love a lot was of all the family Swan.

"Hey you haven't see you for a long time" said Rose be hide me that make me jump and turn around. Then I was crush in to a hug.

"Yea I know last time I saw you was two year back then so let me see you right" I said went she let me go for the hug and I can see that she's still beautiful like always,. "Look at you Rose you still the same like always beautiful"

"Aww not shout the front door Isabella stop kind because your going to embarrass me now, but now look at you girl you sure you haven't work out in the gym because I see you a little skinning then the last time I saw you , you better have eat good"

"Am still the same Rose nothing have change about me , so anyways how you being this pass days"

"Ugh girl if you know I'am tired of being a model already and I was think of this will be my last year of model and do something else you know what about you what's your plan for right now"

"Well for right now going to start looking for a job in school because I have my decreer for teaching and I will love to teach kids but if I don't get I job for my teaching I will try something else then"

"That's great but am for sure that you will get a job , but right now let's eat pizza because I didn't feel like cooking today but next time you will try my food"

"Great that's cool with me"I smile to Rose and started walking be hide her to the kitchen.

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