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We were never perfect,but that was us. Our love was made to make miracles. Our love took us togeher. And even if i was too soon, I didn’ t mind it as long as he was wi’th me. Hand in hand,forever.
And you mus’t remember. Only once - is the number of times you can truly and deeply love someone. And you will love them unitil infinity runs ou’t (Which is never).


3. Art of timing

ART OF TIMING JUSTIN POV -'Is this seat taken?'-I asked an old lady,she than nodded her head so I sat on the seat 23,next to the window. I started to think about everything. About my home,mom,Ryan,Chris,Chaz and finally the winner, Adrianna. I wonder how she've been past years. It's been so long without her - I miss the times we had. She was always telling me how much she loved me and showing me her love in the perfect way, but I had to leave my baby, for that I'm so sorry. Maybe I could fix things. But first I think I needed to be fixed.-I tought. With that I driffted off to sleep. ADRIANNA POV -'Damn it! I hate doing night shifts. I am so frickin' tired.- I said.- -'Common sis just sit in your car,you'll be home in no time. I'll see you in 20 okay?'- -'Yea,okay.Bye.'- I said and hung up before he could say bye too.- While I was driving this song I'm passionate about started playing so I turned vol. to max. I'll seek you out Flay you alive One more word and you won't survive And I'm not scared Of your stolen power I see right through you any hour I won't soothe your pain I won't ease your strain You'll be waiting in vain I got nothing for you to gain I'm taking it slow Feeding my flame Shuffling the cards of your game And just in time In the right place Suddenly I will play my ace- I was literally screaming the words when I saw a sports car pulled over by the police and a familiar face. It was him. But how?It can't be!! My stomich dropped and I blinked a few times to be sure I'm not imagining things,but I kept driving. 'Adrianna you promised.'- suddenly I heard my mom. I still continiued to drive but voice was getting lauder and lauder so I turned left and headed off to them. How I'm I even gonna fix this? I have idea,but... Oh what the hell there is nothing to lose anyway! -'Justin thank god. I was so worried about you. What took you so long? You know there isn't much time. Your mom is dying! Com'on! '- I watched the change of the color of his face. His eyes got darker and his face dropped. Now I'm sure I should get an Oscar,because trust me,Justin knew when I lied and now his reaction is being normal in these circumstances, you know when your loved ones are dying?.- ' Not so fast miss. I need to write a speed ticket and take him with me since he was driving way much more than allowed.'-CRAP.- 'Oh, police officer please I know I'm asking a lot but he had to hurry his mother is going to die in a few hours and her last wish is to see her son. Please let him go. Unless you wanna carry a tought you didn't let a dying mother to see her son for the very last time?!-I cried. I looked over his sholder and the smirk Justin had was telling me he must have figured out what's going on.I wiped my fake tear to be more convincing,and gave him The Look- -'Ahhh.... Alright I'm gonna let this slip only this one time.I'll be watching you young man. Drive saftly. And I'm very sorry for your mother.'- Justin nodded. Officer sat on his motorcycle and drove off. I exhaled as soon he was out of sight. -'Why would you do that? '- His voice echoed throughout my whole body making my stomich drop.- -'Well I saw you and I shouldn'-He looked at me strangely so I just turned the subject because I started to feel lightheaded for no good reason..- ' What are you doin' here.- I asked,really wanting to know the answear. -'Standing,as you can see.- I rolled my eyes. I see he hasn't changed his sense of humor.Which I never liked may I add.- -' I see... Well nice seeing you. Bye! '- I started to walk of when I heard him walking fast behind me and calling my name. And trust me, the way he did that send chills down my spine.- -'Wait! '-I turned facing him.- 'Umm would you mind giving me a ride,I'm kind of out of gas...'-He strached his arm.- -'Okay. But what about your car?'- -'I'll call a friend to take care of it and I'll pick it up tomorrow. No biggies.'-He said,pulling his phone out of his pocket. That is when I realized how hot and handsome he looked. He now had lots of tatoos and looked all dangerous. I must look like idiot.. Gosh Adrianna snap out of it.- -'Maybe you should take a picture,it takes longer'- He winked. I'm so damn stupid. Please,do not blush,do not blush. Fuck,too late. I must look like a tomato right now.- -'I wasn't looking at you. I was looking at your car,you should really look after it,it's too expensive. '-Maybe he'll buy that.- -'Whatever makes you sleep at night Somers.'- I rolled my eyes. This boy really knows how to push my buttons. -'Do you want me to give you a ride or not,than?- -'Oh yea'- -'Than why are you not in the car already?- Now he was the one rolling his eyes. He may pretend nothing happened but I'll never forget the way he treated me. I can't believe I had feelings for this guy. I still have but things have changed. No matther how hard he tries to pretend we both know that things are never going to be the same. WE will never going to be the same. This is just one of those times when our paths are crossing againg. He will be out soon. Or I will run away like I always do. That is how we are. I was kind of lost in my flashback when he spoke.- -'Thank you. And I'm so glad to see you. I really am. And I'm sorr'-Oh no he didn't!- -Stop it there. No need to pretend Justin I know what you really are,and I sure as hell know guys like you so drop the act.'-I turned around the corner. His house is only few blocks away.- -'No Annie'- -'Don't call me that.-I cutted him off- -'Look I know you are pissed and you have every right to be but I need your help. I'm so fucked up. I'm in a huge fight with everyone. Half the world hates me and this is just not me...'- He closed his eyes.- -'We are here.'- I parked in front of his old house.He took a long look at it and hiding his stare away from me he mumbled: 'I really am sorry. You are my best friend and you are the only one I can talk to. But I guess I lost you too. So I guess you will still run away from me,like everytime things get serious. But I never deserved any better.I am soo sorry.'-He said closing the door. He than took his stuff from back seat and ran off into the house. And than it hit me. I was crying and the feeling of hurt that only Justin could couse,was present now. I could never forget the taste of it. But no matther what we are know, Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence.With us it lasted for years, a time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over. But is he really over with everything? Because nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it. AN: Hey guys so this is 2nd chapter and I hope you like it. I wish more of you would tell me how you feel about this but Im actually writing this of myself so... I love you so much. Keep in touch ;) xo -Veronica
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