A Younger Past

This is. A story about famous Niall Horan and not so famous Katie Shantell. The to, sepperated by years, once lovers, now complete strangers.

Everyone thinks Niall Horan of One Direction is gay, because every girl that tries to date him is shot down, one day its on the news, and the boys are bugging him, so he decides to confes a secret no one knows but him and that girl.

That girl, I mentiond is Katie Shantell. She lives in Vancouver B.C. and just tirned 16. Its right after her sweet 16, and her friend is bugging her about the fact that she has Never had a boyfriend, and katie also decides to confes, a secret no ine know except for Him.

This is told in 2 point of views. Nialls, and Katies.


3. Not All Endings Are Happy

Chapter Three: Not All Endings Are Happy


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.


Ash started to laugh. "Ahahahaha a Ghombie? What the heck is that!" She started laughing again. "Oh shut up. So what happend was...."


*Back to the AHHHHHHH Seen.*


"AHHHHHH" I screamed, and then ran into the kitchen. I started to make a sandwich for Niall, and I put some sand in it from the beach. "I am so sorry I scared you. here's a sandwich to say sorry." I handed him the plate with the "sandwich" he smiled. "Aww, thanks!" he took a big bite and started to chew. his face went pale and his eyes widend.


Niall Horan's P.O.V.

*Still that day*


"Katie! What the hello did you put in my sandwich!" she started laughing. "You, just said it. SAND!" and she burts into laughter. "Katie! You better run!" I smirked and she looked at me puzzled. "Here I come!" I yelled "AHHHHHHH!" she screamed as I chased her around the house.


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.

*Still that momment*


I ran as fast as I coud through the house. He caught me. "Niall, dont you dare!" but I was to late. He started to tickle me sence-less. "N- Niall! St-Stop!" I ended up looking into his eyes. "Nia-" He cut me off by placing his lips on mine. It was amazing, my first kiss. Wait, what are you doing katie! oh but he is so nice and sweet. I cant pull away. We let the minutes pass by, but it felt like hours, and I didnt want it to end. "Wow, my first kiss." I smiled. He looked at me shocked. "Your first kiss? most people have already had there first kiss by your age." He looked at me confused. "No, by my age... OH MY GOD! My age!" I ran to the door to pu my shoes on. "Katie! Whats wrong!" I felt my eyes becoming wet. "Niall, I'm so sorry." I put my shoes on and open the door. "Katie." He grabbed my shoulder. "Whats wrong?" He looked as if he was about to cry. "My, my age Niall." I shook my head.


Niall Horan's P.O.V.

*Same day*

"My, my age Niall." She shook her head. "I'm only 12." She shook my hand from her shoulder and started running. "Katie! Wait! We can work around it!" But it was to late. She was gone. the first girl I ever really cared about. Gone. I cant feel this heart break again. I thought. I promise myself, I will NEVER date another girl again. and that was it. Never again would I love another.


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.

*Present day*


"and so I swore to myself I would never love again. For he was my only." I looked down at the ground. "And, we didnt just kiss Ash. We did, Things." I Closed my eyes remembering his touch.

"You mean you did 'It". oh my god. I had no clue Katie!" She hugged me. "Its ok, I fell for him not thinking of my age. Its my fault." I started to cry. "So, you kissed Niall Horan! OMG! We need to get this on the media!" She yelled. "What! No! I cant let anyone know Ash! No one." I looked down. "But everyone thinks he is gay. Plus, you can date him again! Your old enough now!" I looked up and glared at her. "No. Not ever. I need to go home now. See you at school on Tuesday. Dont forget its athe long weekend." I smiled and walked to my car. "Bye Katie!" I looked back. "Bye ash."


Niall Horan's P.O.V.

*Present day*


I looked down. "We need to find that girl! We need to get you two back together!" Louis crossed his arm. "What! No! not after all that. I cant go back to her. I'm gunna go to bed now guys. Good Night." All the boys said goodnight and I went to bed.


Louis Tomlinson's P.O.V.


"Listen guys. We need to get ahold of that girl!" Zayn looked at his phone. "Look! This girl says she is best friends with Katie! She tweeted me saying she wanted to get Niall and Katie back together." I laughed. "Good. Tweet her back in private, that we want to get them back together too." He tweeted her and then I saw them tweeting lots. "Ok, she lives in Vancouver B.C. We have a concert there, wow. Haha. In two days. we will get them to go some were and not tell them about whats going on, and they can see eachother again. Brilliant!" I laughed at Zayn. "Ok, but do NOT tell Niall!" all the boys shook there heads, then we all went to bed, because tomorrow, we were going to Vancouver.


Ash Lesly's P.O.V.


I cant believe I just tweeted with Zayn Malik. And my best friend, is going to date hopefully Niall Horan, AGAIN! I gotta go to sleep and rest. Tomorrow is a big day.

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