A Younger Past

This is. A story about famous Niall Horan and not so famous Katie Shantell. The to, sepperated by years, once lovers, now complete strangers.

Everyone thinks Niall Horan of One Direction is gay, because every girl that tries to date him is shot down, one day its on the news, and the boys are bugging him, so he decides to confes a secret no one knows but him and that girl.

That girl, I mentiond is Katie Shantell. She lives in Vancouver B.C. and just tirned 16. Its right after her sweet 16, and her friend is bugging her about the fact that she has Never had a boyfriend, and katie also decides to confes, a secret no ine know except for Him.

This is told in 2 point of views. Nialls, and Katies.


4. Nightmares

Chapter Four: Nightmares


Katie Shantell's P.O.V.

 *In A Dream*


I Looked at him and smiled. "Oh Niall, I love you so much!" He leaned down and started to kiss me. "I never want you to leave Katie." I smiled. Everything went black. I looked around I was running. "Im so sorry Niall!" I heard a yell. I was almost sure he yelled The word slut at me, I was sure of it, maybe.

*Dream Over*

I woke up screaming. "What is it Katie?" I looked at my dad who was now at me door in the middle of shaving. "Nothing, just a bad dream." He smiled. "Must have been pretty bad for you to scream like that, ok, goodnight." I smiled and went back to bed.


Niall Horan's P.O.V.


'I loved her so much." I looked down at the picture we took together the day she left me. "I know son, but she was to young, I think its time you moved on." I looked up at my mum. "How could you say that! I loved her! she was my everything! we did things, only things people in love do." I started to cry. "Oh honey, you never told me you did that." I started to cry even harder. I threw the picture into my suit case and ran out the door. "I have to leave now, We are going on tour tomorrow. Bye mum." I ran outside and slammed the door. "If only I knew" I whispered to myself. "If only."



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