A Younger Past

This is. A story about famous Niall Horan and not so famous Katie Shantell. The to, sepperated by years, once lovers, now complete strangers.

Everyone thinks Niall Horan of One Direction is gay, because every girl that tries to date him is shot down, one day its on the news, and the boys are bugging him, so he decides to confes a secret no one knows but him and that girl.

That girl, I mentiond is Katie Shantell. She lives in Vancouver B.C. and just tirned 16. Its right after her sweet 16, and her friend is bugging her about the fact that she has Never had a boyfriend, and katie also decides to confes, a secret no ine know except for Him.

This is told in 2 point of views. Nialls, and Katies.


2. I'll Say I'm Fine

Chapter Two: I'll Say I'm Fine


Katie Shantells P.O.V.


"I took care of him, and we ended up swapping numbers. I asked him, just in case he needed more help from that. He said his mother was out of town for awhile so I was free to come over whenever. I told him I was only here for a little longer, because my family was on Vacation with me. He told me to call him, because he wanted to hang out sometime. I agreed and left.


*The day she was talking about*

"You promise you will call Katie?" I laughed. "Of course Niall, wouldent want your balls to be damaged to much now would we." I smiled, and as I walked out, I looked in the window and saw him staring at me. Wow he is really sweet. I thought to myself. Wait, What? no Katie, do NOT fall for him.

*Back to the present*

"Wow, so you fell for a 16 almost 17 year old. and Katie, nice try. I know its fake, you did NOT meet Niall Horan and NEVER tell me." I laughed. "Well ash, I didn't want to have anything to do with him, so I acted like I had never herd of him until you showed me One Direction." Dhe crossed her arms. "You said you favourite was Niall. How do you explain that?" I snorted. "Well, since Niall is the most popular, I thought I could blend in with the other Directioners, and before you ask, yes, I am a true Directioner. I didn't fake it." She smiled. "Good, because you wouldn't wanna lie to your best friend right?" I laughed.


Niall Horan's P.O.V.


"So, I wonder if she like One Direction or not, Because of you.." I snorted at Zayns suggestion. "Really Zayn. THATS what your wondering. Your not wondering what happened next." He looked down. "Well, that too." I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Well So she called me...

*That day he is talking about*

"Hello?" I picked up the phone. "Yes, Hi it's Katie, is this Niall Horan?" I laughed. "Um no sorry ma'am, Niall Horan died of a hit to the head. This is his errr brother." I herd silence on the other end. "GoodBye cruel worl! If I cant live with out Niall Horan, I must simply join him in the after life!" I herd a thud and it went silent. "Katie? KATIE! Oh My God! what have I done!" I herd the door bell. "Come, come in" I started to sob. "Oh hey Niall, your brother said you were dead. wait, are you a ghost! or a zombie! or a ghombie! AHHHHHHH!``


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