Build You Up

Anna Williams was a normal girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and beautiful. But she was very insecure. She gets bullied a lot and at home it's even worse by her brother. She doesn't know what to do at times. Build You Up is about trust. But will she have any left when.....they are done?



3. why?

"Why should I? Huh?" They didn't have an answer. "You just don't understand." I said and shook my head. Michael lifted me off the ground and looked in my eyes. "I'll tell you why. Cause your a fighter. You've gin threw shit and back, but your still here and your still whole. No one had ever done any of this and survived it threw and threw, but you. You have. Why throw it away? Huh? Why just give up? You of all people know what it means to give up. When we first met, you were a wreck. We are trying to help you. That's all we wanna do, is help you. We are trying. We are truly trying, but you aren't helping us much. I sure as HELL am not gonna sit back and watch you give up your whole life just because your sister went to a better place." I gasped. "Yeah, that's right. I know. I always know what's wrong! I always try to help. But you don't even give me or the rest if the boys the time of day." Michael said. He walked away without another word. So did Ashton, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. All gone. Blew that too. I was still in shock.

Luke's POV

Michael is in love with Anna, but he's been a bit stressed lately. He didn't mean to take it out on Anna, it just kinda happened. After a while, only me Liam and Calum were left. She stood there for a while, but then broke down. She mumbled a few "Guys please, I'm sorry!"s and some "I love you"s. I went to her and scooped her in my arms. I rocked her back and forth and whispered how much we all love her in her ear. Liam stroked her hair softly and calm rubbed her back. She stopped sobbing after ten minutes and we just sat in silence. But eventually Calum broke it. "Even if they give up, you still have us." He said. "But what if I mess up. I lose you guys too, and then there's nothing. Nothing more to love for. I won't have another choice." She said. We all shook our heads. "We're in it for life." Liam said. I nodded in agreement. "I've chosen not to live with out you guys, and I mean that." We all hugged her tight and she excused her self and said she needed to go home. We made her promise she wouldn't kill herself, and she swore she wouldn't. I just can't believe they all walked off like that. That's not like them. She's having a bad day, you can't pin that in her. We all went back to out shared flat, but walked into a house full of silence. We walked to the living room, were Niall sat. Then we walked to the kitchen, were Michael was. I sat down beside him and the other 2 boys went to their rooms. Michael starred straight ahead at the cabinets, never breaking his gaze. "She's having a bad day Michael. You can't just bail in he-" he cut me off. "Yes I can. I can leave whenever I want. I won't just sit here and fall apart. It will brake me." He said. "She's ok, she wants you guys to love her. She told us to tell you guys she's sorry and she loves you guys more than you'll ever know." I lied threw my teeth. But it technically was true. She does love us more than anything and she is sorry. So I didn't lie. Michael looked at me with a huge smile and bright eyes. "Just go get her already!" I groaned. He bolted towards the door and opened it fast. He yelled a,"Your the best Luke!" before closing the door, getting in the car, and driving away.

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