Build You Up

Anna Williams was a normal girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and beautiful. But she was very insecure. She gets bullied a lot and at home it's even worse by her brother. She doesn't know what to do at times. Build You Up is about trust. But will she have any left when.....they are done? *CAUTION, CONTAINS INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE AND ISNT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16*


4. Michael's encounter

Anna's POV

I excused myself from the 3 boys whom I loved to the moon and back, and headed to my house. It wasn't that bad there. I would be alone. Mum was out at the hospital with my brother and my sister. And dad was out in Cali working on some huge case with the police station. I walked to up the sidewalk and my big white porch. I took my key from my pocket and unlocked the door, slamming it in the process. I threw the key in the kitchen counter and went straight to the stereo in the middle of the living room and plugged my phone in. Skinny Love by Birdy blared through my ears. I threw my jacket off and shirt and was left in a crop top and leggings. I positioned myself into a ball and cried. It hurt so bad. So so bad.

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