Friends Forever

Ella was a girl moving in with her cousins to a new house, new life, new start. When she moves in she meets her super cool/hot neighbors, Zayn Malik, Edward Styles, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. She meets new friends and maybe she will find something else......

Read Friends Forever to see what happens. (WARNING: first movella it might suck.)


8. The Promise

*****Ella POV*****

"Ella wake up. Ella!!!" Ed said shaking me. "What do you want. Let me sleep." "I'm taking you somewhere with me hurry up!" I got up took a quick shower and put on light blue skinny jeans, and a tank top with an over sized California sweater over and black converse. Ed took me outside to his car and started driving. "We're here." I looked outside the window there was a small lake, trees, grass, and beautiful flowers everywhere. "Wow this is beautiful." "I know me and my mum used to come here all the time when I was younger we would always stare at the sky with no one talking it was so peaceful and silent. I miss those days." "Then why did you stop coming? Like what happened?" I asked very interested. "My mum got remarried with a dick and well I just left the house and moved in with Zayn and Michael. My mum then went back to Holmes Chapel and left me here waiting for her here someday. NowI know that she will never come back with me to watch the sunrise." He said with a tear slipping at the end. I felt like crying I hugged him and said, " I will never ever leave you I promise." Both of us ended up watching the sky we were inches away from each others faces and then we kissed it was slowly but full of passion. I felt like my stomach was the 4 of july it was full of fireworks. We pulled away slowly. "I'm sorry I-" "Its fine I think we should go back home I said. Wow that kiss was amazing. It was the best kiss ever I have never had a kiss like that I still felt tingles in my lips. I swear it was great.

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