Friends Forever

Ella was a girl moving in with her cousins to a new house, new life, new start. When she moves in she meets her super cool/hot neighbors, Zayn Malik, Edward Styles, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. She meets new friends and maybe she will find something else......

Read Friends Forever to see what happens. (WARNING: first movella it might suck.)


3. The Neighbors

*****Ella POV*****

We got to our house and heard loud noise coming from the neighbors next door. "Ugh, I guess we have loud neighbors." Cici said. "Cici shut up you are the loud one." Everyone laughs because it's true

After I was done unpacking I took my German Shepard Spike for a walk. I then bumped into someone "Ouch." "Shit I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was walking." It was a guy but he had an accent. " Its totally fine I'm ok." "Are you sure." "Yeah. Umm well hi I'm Ella I just moved here." "Oh you are the new neighbor I'm Luke I live right next to you." So he was the one making so much noise. -ring ring- "Hello,......yeah I'll be there in a minute,...... Ok bye." "Hey Ella i have to go my friends need me see you later." "Ok see ya." When I got back home I saw Cici making herself a sandwich and Ivan on his phone. " hey guys were is Cris?" "He had to go somewhere." "Ok I'm going to take a shower. Ivan can you please feed Spike its your turn don't forget it." "Ok and I only did that once." When I got out of the shower I heard something like a guitar so I looked out my window and saw Luke and a friend playing the guitar. His friend had brown hair with red tips you can say. Luke looked over to his window and saw me staring. Holy fuck what should I do. He and his friend walk over to the window and open it then they make signals for me to open the window. Once I open it they ask if I wanted to go to their house me trying to not be mean I said yes and asked if my cousin could go. " Yeah why not." "Ok I'll be there in a minute." I went to Cici's room and told her to go with me. I knocked on the door and it was opened by the guy with red hair. "Hi I'm Michael you should be Ella and you are her....." " Hi I'm Citlally but every one calls me Cici. I'm Ella's cousin." After we said our names Luke came to the living room while we were talking. "Ok so I heard noise coming from here what was it?" Cici asked. "Oh your talking about the guitars and drums. We play instruments thats it." We talked for hours until Cris called me up and told us to go back. "Sorry guys we have to go its already 10:47 and we have to clean up tomorrow bye guys." "Bye." Then Cici and me went back home to see Cris waiting fir us. "Where were you two?" He asked. "We went to the neighbors house they are really nice." "Ok I just got worried now go to bed goodnight girls." "Night Cris." We said and went to sleep.

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