Bella Grange was normal until she began experiencing awful migraines and nightmares. When she finally confides in her parents they're worried and speaking nonsense about it being 'too soon' and 'not for another five years'. A pair of strange twins come into town, and after hearing terrible news about her boyfriend, Belle finally snaps. two days early.


1. Prologue

I have this scar that only five people in the world know about, my mom and dad, my bestfriend Kahlil, my boyfriend Thaddeus, and my doctor. No one knows how I got it except me. They all think I fell off my bed and broke a glass of water when I was twelve. That is far from the truth.


I was in a dark silent room, and I couldn't see anything but a pair of grey eyes in front of me looking as if they were full of water. The only thing I could feel was a large hand clutching my small twelve year old wrist. The quiet was broken by a large manly sounding scream, and the grey eyes went away. I didn't know what happened, but the grip on my wrist lessened significantly. I felt someone lift up the bottom of my shirt and drag something from my lower left chest down to my bellybutton. It stung bad. Then it was back and did the same thing, only pressing down harder and I screamed at the unbearable pain. 'If you're going to kill us, you could at least make it quick.' It was a weak voice, it must have been the man laying beside me. Then for the first time I heard a familiar female voice.'That wouldn't be nearly as fun now would it, James?'

And that was when I woke up screaming, to find out that I had actually been cut, and was immediately rushed to the hospital. I still have that dream even now, a month before my seventeenth birthday I still wake up covered in blood almost every night. Though the cut isn't nearly as deep as that first time was.

My name is Belle Elizabeth Grange and this is how I found out what I really am.

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