Mental [Dark Harry Styles]


1. [Intro]

"Move And Your Dead"

I stood silent , and I didn't move a muscle. I smelt his cologne as he circled me , eyeing me up and down. He was making me nervous , but I couldn't show him that. "What's your name, sweet cheeks ?" he asked , standing In front of me starring into my eyes. "K-kat.." I said. He smirked. "Funny , I love cats" He said , he lifted his hands and I got scared so I closed my eyes thinking he was going to hit me , but instead he started playing with my hair. "I like you" He said , he walked behind me , he wrapped his arms around me causing me to flinch at his touch. He tucked my hair behind my ear , and he leaned into my ear. I could feel his hot ass breath on my skin.

"Your mine now cupcake" He whispered in my ear. "Nobody can save you now babe" He whispered once more. "Nobody". His words made me want to cry , but I held the tears in.

Here , holding me hostage is a criminal. A mental criminal. He's dangerous , he's heartless , he doesn't give two shits about feelings. Here he is , keeping me as his toy. Only because I put him in jail for attempt rape. He's right. No one can help me.

'He' is Harry Edward Styles ..

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