How to Marry Prince Robert

Loosely based on a dream my good friend had about bitish actor Robbie Kay (Once Upon A Time). Calista is engaged to Prince Robert, but he isn't exactly the sweet prince she was expecting. It's sort of meant to be a funny story.


1. Epilogue

It was the middle of spring, and Calista Tempest was most likely the happiest girl in all of the kingdom. Prince Robert had reached the age where he needed to be married, and all of the neighboring kingdoms had either married away their daughters or they, too, had bachelor princes. 


Because of the shortage of other princesses, the king had no choice but to select a girl from a well-to-do family, possibly a colleague of the king. So, after two months of meeting with the most beautiful ladies in the kingdom, the king, with the consent of the young prince, he decided on Calista Tempest to marry his son, and become the future Queen of their kingdom.


Her parents were Grace Tempest, a good friend of the queen's, and Henry Tempest, a member of the royal court. They were a very charming family, liked by most everyone, and blessed with very pleasant features; Dark, curly hair, light eyes, fair skin, and red cheeks. Calista's brother, Michael, was grown and living in a nearby kingdom, married to their eldest princess. 


Being in a family of wealthy people who would rather be royal, there was a lot of pressure on her, so the marriage was a perfect opportunity. The only problem was the slight possibility that prince Robert wouldn't fall for her. But for now, she was trying her best to be optimistic and look forward to their first date, which was in three short days.



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