The story about how you move to South Korea get a work and how you meet your Idol, Taemin from SHINee.

Taemin, who is he? what does his dark past mean to you?

Find out in this fanfic :)


3. Visiting

That day

Taemin’s perspective



What the frick am I even doing here?

He looked down at his phone in his right hand.



He didn’t have to look at the paper - the number was imprinted in his brain, the result of looking at it all the way – on feet – to this apartment.

She thinks I’m crazy. I should go now

No you shouldn’t you should call her - right now!

I don’t even know her. And she doesn’t know me either. This means nothing.

Then why the frick did you even go here?

Why am I even talking to myself?

For God’s sake – just do it!

He closed his eye and pressed his finger on the touch screen

‘Calling ------.”

No-no-no-no-no, what am I doing?!

He was just about to end the call, when he heard a voice.

“Hello. It’s ------.”


Hi, It’s… Taemin”

No-no-no. I’m sure, she doesn’t remember me!

“Lee Taemin?”

“Yes… This is Taemin”

Whew- Oh well she seemed like a fan so maybe not.

“Okay, hi Taemin. How did you get my number?”

She’ll think I’m a creepy stalker. Taemin was just about to shut down. His nerves couldn’t take it.

“The guy in the café - Sungjong, right? – gave it to me.” He said, just playing a little cool and trying to hide the fact that he was about to shut down.

“O-kay.” She said.

That’s it. I’m in the category ‘creepy stalker’. Guess she have a lot of them already.

Calm down, you idiot. Just ask her something normal.

“Why aren’t you at work today?”

“I got the flue.”

He could see your inside the room, sitting by the television and a cup of tea and couldn’t help smiling at picture in his head.

“That’s sucks”

Maybe she wants me to come in. Maybe she’s lonely.

Before he could react, he felt his hand flew up and pressing the doorbell.

“Yeah, it does. Why did you call anyways? Oh wait, the doorbell is ringing. Hold on.”

Why the frick did I do that. I should run. Right now!

OR you should calm down and be cool. Be you.

The door opened up. There she was. She looked a little ill, but it wasn’t that bad.


Wait what now?

“Hi.” He said

And that was like the stupidest thing I ever said. Just show up and says hi.

What are you smiling at?”

I’m not smiling. Am I smiling?

Right, I am smiling. Why am I smiling?

“I… don’t know”

“Well, what are you doing here?” you asked.

She doesn’t want me to be here.

And what am I doing here?

Bloody hell, what shall I say?!

“I… I wanted to apologize for what I did yesterday. You know, leaving without saying a word.” It just exclaimed from his mouth.

“Apology accepted. And you did say a word, it was like: Eh, I have to go.” you said, smiling.

That was just because you mentioned her. You mentioned her name.

Your smile made him dizzy.

“I’m sorry. Can I come in?”

“Can you hold on for a moment?!

“That’s actually what I’m doing right now.” He said and lifted the hand with the cellphone.

“I have to put some stuff away, so you at least can see the floor. So please, stay out here until I come again.” She said, smiling again.

Keep smiling


Why did I think that?

Taemin felt his face turn into a smile too, but ------ just closed the door.

Is she all right. What if she isn’t?

Eh… are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine. You can come in now,” he heard you say from the other side of the door.

He opened the door, acting like there was a monster in the apartment. It made her laugh. It felt good to make her laugh. It felt… right.

“Come in, your fool, I’m not biting!”

He went into the apartment and looked at you.

“Do you want some tea?” you asked.

“Yeah all right, tea would be cool.”

“Act like you´re home. Sit down?

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