a collection of poems written by me. enjoy! a mix of all different types of poetry.


1. "Mother"

This poem is a little depressing, but I like my use of onomatopoeia's in it. 


Her pupils close painfully

at the vision of light

a new day, a new dawn

isn’t all it seems. 


In a matter of minutes, 

the brbl brbl of the coffee,

the sss k! ss! of the frying pan,

the swish swash of running water,

become regular 

in the brick home.


With one look in the


her jaw tightens

her back straightens.

Inhale a breath of confidence.


The pearls dance

across her bare neck;

the fake flush to her face

makes her youthful.

Her layers of chiffon

might hide her shameful legs.


The sss k! ss! displays

 an ugly shade

of black,

the brbl brbl 

stained her teeth.

And little does she notice

the swish swash

on her feet.


And she doesn’t care

she isn’t perfect.



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