Telika, like Sif, is a childhood friend of Thor's and Loki's (She's closer to Loki). She along with Sif, had proven that women can be excellent warriors. When Loki's 22nd Birthday comes along, Telika and Loki have already knew their true feelings toward each other....

That can be good....Or really, really bad.


1. Loki and I: Best Friends

Telika: 8 years old

Loki: 9 years old

Telika, come on!" Loki cooed.

I was trying to learn a really cool maneuver Frigga taught me, but Loki kept persiting that we pull a prank on Thor. "Why are you always trying to pull tricks on Thor?" I asked.

"Because it's fun! Plus, I always get away with it!" Loki replied.

"Are you sure we won't get caught?" I asked him.

"Of course we won't!" He insisted, "But we might if we don't hurry!" I rolled my eyes and followed him. That boy can pull some really cool pranks.

"So what do you have planned this time?" I whispered. He smiled.

"You'll see." He said. That meant his prank was going to be amazing this time. I wonder what he's going to do.

Loki led me to the ball room, where Frigga was teaching Thor to dance...With Sif. I snickered as Thor stumbled and Loki looked back and smirked.

"I know right?" He whispered, "They're terrible! Now watch this..." He snapped his fingers and Sif stumbled so much she toppled right into Thor and they both fell over. I looked at Loki with raised eyebrows. He smiled.

"Magic." He whispered. I smiled. That boy.....

Frigga looked up and saw us.

"What was that you said about 'never getting caught'? I asked.


Telika: 12 years old

Loki: 13 years old

"Well done you two." Frigga stated as she watched us danced. It was her revenge for us humiliating Thor and Sif, which made no sense to me, since I didn't make her fall, but I was there with him so I guess it's a fitting punishment.

"Nobody's tripping, nobody's embarrassed, right LOKI?!" Frigga asked.

"Yes mother." Easy for him to say, he wasn't blushing.


Telika: 16 years old

Loki: 17 years old

Loki and I were riding our horses around the kingdom, just for fun.

Loki was talking about Thor's birds and how he planned to give him a prank as a present, and I told him not to.

"Why not?" Loki asked.

"Because he would be embarrassed! If HE did that to YOU you would be embarrassed too!" I argued. He sighed.

"Alright, alright! You win!" He said.

"That's right!" I replied cheerfully as we rode back to the stables.


Telika: 21 years old

Loki: 22 years old

Loki and I were training. We were both using swords, and we were both extremely skilled. It was tough fight. I had to admit, Loki looked very attractive with the noon sunlight reflecting off of him.

We parried, an counter parried, until I made the mistake of trying to stab. He easily dodged, then grabbed my wrist, and held it behind my back. That kind of move brought us close.

Very close.

"Hmmm," Loki said, "Your hair smells really nice. Did you use a special shampoo for my birthday?"

"I might have." I admitted, then stepped on his foot and we started fighting again.

"Are you exited?" I asked him.

"A little." He admited, "I assume you don't have a date?" That question kinda caught me off guard.

"Um..." I hesitated, "No. I don't." Loki then, knocked my blade out of my hand and held his blade against my neck.

"Good." He began, "Then you won't mind attending with me." He then led his guard down and I smiled.

"No I wouldn't mind." I said. He smiled, and started walking back to the castle.

Later that night.....

I wore a beautiful strapless emerald, mermaid dress. My blonde hair was done beautifully, and my brown eyes seemed to shine.

I walked into the ball room. The place was filled with people. I found Loki, and he found me. He walked over to me, smiling.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"And you look very handsome." I replied. He took my arm in his as we walked over to the middle of the room, where we danced. We started a little but apart, because we were just friends.

Loki's eyes gleamed in the light. His smile was amazing, though his muscles were tensed. I couldn't help but feel myself falling in love with him.

I promised myself I wouldn't. After 21-22 years if knowing him, I knew that feelings like those wouldn't help with being just friends.

But I couldn't help it. My mind didn't want to, but my heart wasn't with the program.

Loki seemed to grow comfortable dancing with me. I seemed to grow comfortable dance with him. We started inching closer together, until we were almost nose to nose.

When the song was over, Loki and I went for a walk, arm and arm. We talked about relationships, and what we looked for in people.

I looked for a guy who could always make me laugh and feel better whenever I felt upset. Without intending to, I described Loki.

Loki wanted a girl who could fight, and know when to be reasonable. He described me.

We walked over to an empty balcony, where we didn't talk much. We just looked at the stars.

"You know." Loki said, "About relationships, what I look for I a girl. It all points to you." I looked at him. We seemed to get lost in each other's eyes. We inched closer, and closer, then, Loki put his arms around my waist and I put my around his neck. He leaned in, and kissed me.

It was the best moment if my life. We kissed for a good five seconds, before he pulled back and smiled.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time." He said. I smiled.

"Really?" I asked.

"Really." He replied, before hugging me.

We walked back to the ball room and danced a couple more dances, and when the ball ended, I went him and slept. This has been on heck of a night. I thought as I dozed off.

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